11 May, 2015

Another new QAL

post signatureIt's an exciting but stressful week here and it's only Monday !!!!. This is my last week of being 39 and we're off to Disneyland Paris on Friday for the weekend :) lots of nice treats planned but in the meantime we have a cat with a poorly foot off to the vets this afternoon, a dog that's run into something and jarred his foot.  Two nights of school meetings, a boy going off to High school tomorrow to *try for the day* and has to be on the bus for 7.50am and lots of other appointments to fit in, including the hairdressers. Thank the lord for that, I look like the Wella gorilla.

Anyway, the Quilt a long starts on Monday, Here's the  Details but it's a challenging quilt for me.  I calculated about 540+ 1.5" squares, hand piecing, machine piecing, curves, embroidery, EPP but what a gorgeous quilt.

I'm thinking mine is going to be more wintery than springy, so some reds, whites, aquas and a mixture of grey skies and whites.  It uses lots of low volume scraps and is generally a great scrap buster.  The pieces are really small.

Over the weekend I decided to start on the hexagon portion as that usually takes me forever, they are 1/2" sided hexis and there are 30 of them.  I was really surprised that after glue basting in the afternoon I managed to get them sewn up while watching Sunday night TV.

Next I'm going to prep the three embroideries, so I can fit some stitching in during appointments and on the long drive to Paris :)

If you fancy joining in, check out Kerry's post and let me know your joining so we can cheer each other on 

01 May, 2015

Anyone fancy a Spiced Chai

Does anyone fancy a nice Spiced Chai tea :)

Ohhh I'm so excited that my month for Bee Europa has finally arrived.  I've been planning for a couple of months now.  This month the plan is to make my own take on the Spiced Chai tea quilt from Vintage Quilts Revival book.
It's effectively Maple Leaf Blocks without the stems

I've made the coloured centre square and the coloured blocks. I'd like you ladies to make the remaining Grey/Black blocks.


From the white fabric cut two 5.5" squares and two 6.25" squares.  (please pay attention with the pattern on tone on tone, I sewed one of my squares inside out)

From grey/black fabric cut 3 5.5" squares and two 6.25" squares.
Can you measure first before cutting, I think I've cut it to be just enough, if you need more let me know.

Make 4 HST's from the 6.25" squares, Draw a diagonal line, corner to corner and sew a 1/4" seam each side, cut on drawn line and then trim to 5.5"

Lay out the white and grey squares into rows of 3 and then sew those rows into columns.
The unfinished block should measure 15.5" square.

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy making the block :)
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