30 April, 2015

Busy April

Wow, April has flown by and I've been mega busy with the kids, football ,business, paperwork, doctor appointments, x rays but finally things are on the up and I'm hoping for a healthy May.
First attempt at a floating m&m cake. Happy Easter weekend everyone :)We had the excitement of Easter, a visit to the vets to have the dog's stomach pumped because she'd eaten two raw hot cross buns which it appears can kill dogs as the yeast ferments along with the dried fruit. Luckily I read that and got her off to the vets PDQ, after an hour of sickness she was back to her old self and looking for more trouble.

I made a suspended M&M cake for our Easter dessert, it was supposed to be a trial version for the kid's birthday's this year.

The banana cake was yummy especially the icing

DH turned 44 and he asked for a Banana cake, I absolutely hate banana's but I smothered it in a cream cheese icing which was delicious so I managed to eat a small piece or two :)

It came home to mumma :) how i squeeled, i thought it was my @simplysolids order then dh said its from claire poppins @claireepoppins id showm him the pic and said i was sure it was for me 😁 its gorgeous @claireepoppins thank you so much. Mark me as

I signed up for the Instagram UK mini quilt swap, I asked for a novelty type quilt or metallics, I saw @clairepoppins making this gorgeous mini and I was sure it was for me :)
I squeeled like a stupid thing when I unwrapped it, it's now hanging in my quilting room, keeping an eye on Nobby The Hobby quilter.

Remind me next time I want to make a double sided mini quilt, its not a good idea and definitely not with applique that throws the quilting out, but im pleased now it's ready for binding. Hope you like it partner #heideesgroup #ukminiswap #pippapracticing
Here's the mini I made for my partner, I loved the Hazel Hedgehog but wasn't 100% sure my partner would, so I decided to make a double sided mini. If she hated Hazel or got bored, she could hang it the other way around.  Hazel was the first quilt ever to be quilted with the longarm, I wanted to do a pantograph but in the end just Free motioned a fairly angular type zig zag/lightening strike thing. lol

#quiltinaday the binding is going on as we speak. Learnt loads when quilting with the glide so not perfect at the back, but my dad won't care.
Next up, it was my dad's birthday yesterday, the grand old age of 69.  He's been having his afternoon nap wrapped up in one of the quilts I made for mum years ago, it's got pink and yellow. Not really suitable for a man lol... so I used up two cushion panels and made two supersized blocks.  He's 6ft2 so wanted a longer quilt than wide.  I put on two borders just to make up the length.
The back, glide had to have tension so tight compared with aurifil and superior and bobbin looser  still dont think it was as  good as it could have been
It's really difficult to get a shot of the quilting but I quilted them in a variegated Glide thread (I can't get the longarm to like Glide as a top thread, it loves the bobbins but I had so many tension issues) the pattern is a pantograph of fairly large leaves, think they are 6 inches.  It was a great learning curve and it's exciting as I feel like I'm gaining experience and confidence and to be honest, my dad doesn't care that my tension is off in places :)

First day in 3 months I actually feel semi normal and now i'm grinning manically. @bobbincentral glide delights no spots, I think its nearly perfect tension isn't it @trudi_wood @superiorthreads #rainbow thread and it was started at @fatquarterly retreat

Yes you've already seen this one but its bound and awaiting a label, started at #fqr14 heading off for #siblingstogether when my other ones get finished @siblings2gether
This is a quilt I started at Fat Quarterly Retreat last year, it's sat for ages waiting to be quilted.  The other day I thought oh come on, let's just get it done.  I quilted loops and double loops.  I used a gorgeous rainbow thread from Superior threads and it all worked wonderfully.  I actually caught myself grinning while I was quilting.  I'm thrilled with it.  It's now sitting all bound waiting for a label and after a quilt show in early July, it's being shipped to Siblings Together ready for their summer camps.  My kids aren't too sad to let this one go to other children. Perhaps they are learning some other kids need quilts more than they do :)

Today i made a spicy spiral tablerunner....its actually huge. Does anyone know how you could make it smaller. Next time I'm fmq and bias binding one
I also sneaked this Spicy Spiral in for a finish.  I've looked at this pattern so many times but I didn't want to buy the pattern and the ruler.  Eventually I bought the pattern and decided I'd make my own ruler.  This time I used cardboard but I think hubby might make me one out of plexiglass next.  It's fairly easy, you sew fabric into strips and then cut it, sew it back together.  This table runner is destined for my mum's coffee table.  It makes a very big runner, it fits my kitchen table but not my lounge coffee one.  I'm going to have to try and work out how I can make it smaller while keeping the shape.

30 minute #practice #longarm #pippapracticinglongarming much smoother, perhaps its the gin i had before starting 😁
Here's my practice quilting piece, It comes preprinted and you quilt over the dotted lines, I started with a really light colour, now I'm going over it with green, I'm hoping then I can go over 2 or 3 more times.  It's all challenging but I'm hoping 30 minutes practice a day will reap great rewards this year.

Not a bad April, a mini quilt, two full size quilts and a table runner.  I don't think May will be as productive, I've got a very important birthday month coming up *grin*
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