13 March, 2015

Exciting week to come

I've got really exciting news that I've kept fairly quiet and am now ready to reveal.

It's my week next week !!! Starting Monday

At the end of the year there was a general call out for quilters to take part in a new social experiment to spread some quilty inspiration, a snapshot into quilters lives.
Each week for 52 weeks, a quilter takes over the blog, instagram and twitter account of 52 Quilters and next week.... Week 11 It's my turn !!!!
From Monday morning I'll be posting my piccies, any quilty stuff I do and perhaps just some piccies of life until Sunday evening.
I'm hoping I might even manage to get a whole quilt made, I've got some ideas for one.
Please follow along and go check out some of the past weeks, there have been some really exciting quilters, I hope people don't get bored

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