11 February, 2015

Two in one pouch

Happy Wednesday !!!! I've got loads to do in the next few weeks, including a quick 5 day trip to UK. Our half term holidays don't start until 21st February and are for two whole weeks. So UK in the middle and another week at home.
One of my commitments for February was a swap on IG, make a friend swap, it's fun because we get to share with our partner what they would like (a pouch, a drawstring bag or a fabric bucket)
My partner said she'd be happy for a pouch and likes blues and sea colours, I posted an assortment of fabrics and she liked Dreamlandia Irradiated Utopia by Frances Newcombe, it's a lovely print.
I knew I wanted to make a Two in One Pouch, it's by SOTAK Handmade, I'd already made a pretty good one with priory square fabric for my mum for Christmas so knew the pattern.
Thanks for Fab pattern @sotakhandmade I am totally in love with this one, @ck2sew I hope you like it too #makefriendsswap next one is for me :) need more zips

I cut the pieces last night, went shopping for suitable zips this morning and a few hours later had this lovely ready to add a few goodies inside.

It's a really easy pattern, if you can make a zippered pouch you could whip one of these up in no time.  I love the pattern, detailed photo's I can even manage good zips now.  I also really like how there isn't any topstitching on this, my Bernina struggles with topstitching.
#love #thatisall

I'd be incredibly tempted to keep this at home lol, but I've got enough of the fabrics to make another one but need more zips.  I'm going to try the smaller coin purse version next.
Next swap is a UK mini swap, I think I know what i'm doing, it needs to be sent in April so it'll be one of my major to do's in March.
Lots of paperwork and home life crap hitting us at the moment so sewing time is going to be limited in the next few months.  I am not signing up for any more swaps this year, remind me lol....

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