01 February, 2015

Hello Again

Hello and Happy 2015 !!!
Wow, it's nearly 6 months since I blogged...just wow, a few times I thought oh I should really blog about that but something got in the way or Instagram took over. For me Instagram has seen the death of alot of blogs, it's instant, people can click a heart and comment or not. I very rarely read blogs now which is something I want to get back into in 2015 because I see nice pictures but lose the communication with people I was following.
I also started blogging so in years to come my kids could see what mum did when they were at school, if I don't blog even I can't remember how many things I made let alone them.
Also with Instagram now being owned by facebook, no one can be sure what will happen to it in the future.
So my resolution is to blog more and read more blogs.... :)

I have some exciting things going on this year, I'm queen bee of Euro Siblings Together, I'm still president of the local patchwork club and hopefully we're planning a small show in July, I'm a member of another Bee Bee Europa, I've been in two mini quilt swops/Swaps and have one more to get finished for April and a small pouch swop for the end of this month. I've got a few exciting things that are secret for the moment but all will be revealed in the next few months
It's my big 40 birthday in May, DH has bought me a longarm !!! she's here but her power supply isn't, more about that another day.

So for today, I want to show you one of my favourite finishes of January.
You know how I love Sara @ Sew sweetness and all her bags, she generously with the help of Olfa put a freebie bag pattern up on their blog here
I immediately downloaded and printed it out, I knew exactly what fabric I was going to make it from and quickly set to with cutting and preparing all the fabrics and interfacing Prep and interfacing done, time for cuppa, read next page of instructions. most of my favourite things there. Dots and metallics #priorysquare  @imagingermonkey loveliness with @aurifil 2000 and @olfa cutter to make a @sewsweetness #bakerstreetbag #freebi
It's my first time trying a recessed zipper and I loved how easy it was, I didn't put the pockets in as I don't tend to use them in my bag. By early evening the bag was made but not 100% finished
Love everything about this bag, Fab fabrics,design, shape just everything. Although am thinking it could use a flower perhaps on front. Opinions please. #priorysquare #aurifil #bakerstreetbag @imagingermonkey @sewsweetness 💖:sparkling_hear
So early the next morning I finished it off, the front looked a bit plain for my liking so I decided to make a flower. I added bag feet as I normally do so it won't get quite as dirty and now I'm so in love with this bag I'm scared to use it. Roll on spring so I can get out and about with it.
#perfect I think this is my favourite bag ever, i'm almost scared to use it #rollonspring #priorysquare #aurifil #bakerstreetbag @imagingermonkey @sewsweetness
I love this priory square fabric by Katy@I'm a ginger monkey the flowered metallic is definitely going to be a go to for me, I must order more. I now want to make a little purse out of some of my scraps.

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