06 February, 2015


This week hasn't been the greatest, I've recovered from my bout of flu though, only hubby has it now *sigh* but touch wood the kids don't appear to have caught it yet.
Our french accountant stopped trading so I have lots of learning how to do french accounting in the next few weeks, luckily I was a finance manager when I was in the UK so it's not all that strange to me, just different being in French lol...
On Wednesday night, Max our 18 month kitten came in after being missing for about 30 hours, limping badly, he couldn't put weight on his leg, his pad was all folded back on itself and it looked like it was broken. Frantic phonecall to the vet at midnight, keep him in a cat box and bring him in at 9am tomorrow morning.
Oh oh an adult male with currently un-neutered female....trip to vets very soonHubby and I hardly slept for worrying, I was scared to even get up and check he was alive.
This is an earlier picture of him (he's the black one) but good news, he's home now, he hadn't broken it luckily. The vet thinks he was involved in a fight with another cat or perhaps a dog and they've punctured his leg. The start of an abscess has made it really uncomfortable for him. So rest, anti biotics and anti inflammatory syrup and he'll be back to his fighting self in no time.

In other news, this year I've taken on three BOM's
Quilt Room are running a freebie miniature paper piecing BOM, each block measures a tiny 4".  Here are my January and February blocks
Its thequiltrooms miniature bom.. This block is 4" fun to make, its going a Christmas make :)

#thequiltroom @thequiltroom miniature block of month #block2 this is 4" not perfect but it will do :)
Feb's is not perfect but at 4" I think I can live with it, we'll see.
It's not my usual fabric choice but I'm hoping it'll make a nice Christmas mini quilt for the end of the year.

I'm also signed up for Pile o'fabric I am really tempted by @pileofabric 2015 block of the month....45$ for the year, anyone else fancy it Block of the month, I love this quilt, I'm planning a rainbow quilt but with black/grey instead of the low volume. I am frustrated though as it's February and no sign yet of any sewing *sigh* alot of people are still waiting on their templates and so it's all delayed. I printed mine at home and they are all sitting in zippy bags waiting :)

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