09 February, 2015

A quick Monday afternoon make

Well, after a weekend of Football, yup you guessed it, this mum was on football duty AGAIN *Sigh*, we received a text on Thursday,that match starts at 4pm at Tournon Saint Martin, well that particular village is a 125KM or 77 Mile round trip and an hour away but I was ok, it's not my turn. Within 5 minutes I get a text, ?? isn't going to football, it's too late and too far, he's got to be somewhere at 6pm and I know the other mum is working. So what else could I do. Woke up hoping it had snowed overnight but alas no. I take the kids, watch the match, defrost on the way home lol.... Sod's law the working mum can do the next two Saturdays, next week's has been cancelled as the kids are on a skiing trip. Ho Hum, anyway at least they won 10-0. My son was the striker but didn't actually score any of the 10 goals lol... it's a sad state of affairs, the poor love thinks he's so good too.

IMG_20150209_151421Yesterday I saw this tutorial from Timeless Treasures for a drawstring bag, they frighten me a bit, I've made one or two before but they've been very basic and not all that exciting.

This afternoon I set to and here it is, it's boxed off at the bottom and completely lined. I made it 16.5" starting square as that's my ruler size but think any sizes would work well.


I'm keeping my selvedges now because I think that would make a super cute bag and you have the lining to give it a bit of omph.

MAX Update, the poor love is still struggling, hoping around and wanting to go out, if we don't see a great improvement tomorrow, he's back to the vets to see if they've missed something.

oh BTW, have you been watching the Sewing Bee ??? Isn't it fab to see more men this week.  I know who my money is on to win, I've taken an instant dislike to one or two of the competitors, see if I like them more this week
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