14 August, 2014

Stuck in a rut

Wow, I can't quite believe that we've only got 2.5 weeks left of the 8 week holidays.  I apologise for being so quiet but we've been busy.  Did I tell you we adopted two kittens ???  We went to visit my parents and to see the new puppy...their dogs were barking their heads off at the small wood store container and then DS shouted, Mum there's kittens here !!!! Abandoned by their mum we ended up taking two of the five we saw home, we think they were about 5 weeks old.  From feral starving hungry kitties to house trained, happy to be smoothed, cuddled little purr monsters in about 3 days.

 So Elsa and Olaf (yes we're a frozen household) have joined the kitty population and all 4 kitties are happily co-existing and causing havoc in the kitty hammock (quilt frame) this week we're going to continue putting them in the garden a bit as in 2 weeks, we have another addition arriving :)

Trip to UK with the kids and mum, including my day trip to Fat Quarterly. I'm not posting about it much as tbh, i've missed the boat and I'm fed up of FQR posts and I'm sure you don't need another one lol... but I'm really pleased that 2 of the 3 classes have resulted in 2 finished projects and not more WIP's.  The little knot wall hanging was a quick finish and I think an ideal project for children. Amelia has started one with black background so her threads pop.
And a flimsy finish of my HST quilt, I really enjoyed this one.  I have an club expo in July 2015 which this probably needs to be at, although it would make a perfect Siblings Together quilt.  It might get sent late :) So that's now on my to quilt list after school starts.
We've have slightly dodgy weather in France, boiling hot and then much colder and cloudy, so days at the lake, games outside, sewing outside and can I say loom bands by the thousands. I will be so pleased when this craze finishes lol... Big event was DS's 10th birthday and I made two cakes this year.  One chocolate fudge coated 3 colour cake and a 6 layer rainbow cake. With two weeks left to go, we've got doctors appointments, hopefully a weekend away and our new arrival. 
Sewing/quilting has gone out the window for the moment.  I just can't be naffed again, I see patterns or look at magazines and think ahh yes nice but nothing's really *I have to make this now* since FQR I really have been thinking I need to take some time to reflect why I quilt, why I started and where I want to head in the future.  Two stuck in the rut periods in the last 6 months are not good. My favourite thing was making the flashing Christmas quilt, maybe I need to investigate that further and step out of the comfort zone. Patchwork club is making me find handwork projects and is taking up a fair amount of time, perhaps I need to concentrate on that this year and not making things for me. hmmm actually putting out that I don't actually know WTF i'm doing and what I've been inwardly reflecting is quite scary.

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