02 June, 2014

Primary Bee block for May

Before I show you my block, I'm going to show you what Alex from Aurifil sent me, Mum and some of her friends were talking on twitter that I needed my own Aurifil, Alex shared my photo on Facebook and I got lots of people liking my block and then Alex told mum he'd send me some of my own as a present.
When it arrived I was at school, mum couldn't look at it because it was addressed to me. hehehe
Look what he sent, isn't it great, my own threads.
Ohhh a very happy girlie @aurifil goodies sent by @alexveronelli thank you so much
Thank you Alex, I don't need to use mum's now

For my May block, we were asked to make a Pennsylvania block in white and Turquoise.  It was fun to make it and I like it now it's finished but it was a bit too much sewing.

DDS bee block

We used some of mum's bike path from her other quilt and mirror dots that sparkle.
It's gone in the post and when you get it, I hope you like it.

For June we have to make a churn dash block in purple and blue, it's colours I like.

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  1. That's fantastic! Great job on the block! I like both of your fabric choices.

  2. great job you have done with your block and what a lucky girl to have all those lovely threads. Wonder if you make a second block to keep for yourself, I do when I do charity blocks, always good to refer back to, keep up with your stitching you are doing a wonderful job., make sure Mummy shows you all your comments

  3. Wow. That is some great package you received. You did a fabulous job with the block.

  4. Hey, fantastic Mr Aurifil! Great to have your own threads (but watch out for your mum, she might "borrow" some)


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