30 June, 2014

Nearly Summer

Yes, it's very nearly summer and it's the last week of school for us. Saturday is the start of an eight week holiday, there will be swimming, sunbathing, reading, 10 days in Uk and lots of summer school days and sporty bits. Summer means picnics, eating outside, bbq's and for the children lots of bike rides.

When back in May I signed up for a fabric postcard swop with the theme of summer. I was pretty scared especially as it's my first swop. I machine embroidered a very appropriate sunbonnet sue.
Summer postcard swop
She's got her baguette in her bike basket and ohhh doesn't the Eiffel Tower look fabulous.  She was then posted out across the atlantic to America :)

While the machine was out I decided to get on and make my Fat Quarterly name tag. I was really excited when I saw it was Sonia from Fabrics & Flowers UK as I remembered seeing a embroidery pattern of a flower with fabrics pieces dotted around it. Some searching later, some bright thread choices and it was soon finished.
it's for Sonia

Wrapped up
FQR Name tag
popped in the post and impressively in UK within 2 days :o)

I'm waiting for my tag soon but will show you piccies as soon as I receive it.  I did however receive not one but two postcards from my Summer swop.

I was really excited when the postman handed over my *it's a very beautiful postcard* its bright and zingy and reminds me of the tropical fish we had in a tank as a child.  Then today I received a thank you card with another postcard.  Amy had made me one for my birthday and it looks as if it got lost along the way but all received and happily stuck on my sewing room wall :)

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  1. All these postcards are fantastic! So glad the international ones made it! That little Sun Bonnet Sue embroidery is adorable. Thanks for participating!

  2. Sun bonnet Sue looks to be enjoying her trip to Paris, lovely postcards and the name tag has worked a treat

  3. Sun Bonnet Sue is fabulous love the Eiffel Tower. Enjoy your Summer hols.


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