30 June, 2014

Nearly Summer

Yes, it's very nearly summer and it's the last week of school for us. Saturday is the start of an eight week holiday, there will be swimming, sunbathing, reading, 10 days in Uk and lots of summer school days and sporty bits. Summer means picnics, eating outside, bbq's and for the children lots of bike rides.

When back in May I signed up for a fabric postcard swop with the theme of summer. I was pretty scared especially as it's my first swop. I machine embroidered a very appropriate sunbonnet sue.
Summer postcard swop
She's got her baguette in her bike basket and ohhh doesn't the Eiffel Tower look fabulous.  She was then posted out across the atlantic to America :)

While the machine was out I decided to get on and make my Fat Quarterly name tag. I was really excited when I saw it was Sonia from Fabrics & Flowers UK as I remembered seeing a embroidery pattern of a flower with fabrics pieces dotted around it. Some searching later, some bright thread choices and it was soon finished.
it's for Sonia

Wrapped up
FQR Name tag
popped in the post and impressively in UK within 2 days :o)

I'm waiting for my tag soon but will show you piccies as soon as I receive it.  I did however receive not one but two postcards from my Summer swop.

I was really excited when the postman handed over my *it's a very beautiful postcard* its bright and zingy and reminds me of the tropical fish we had in a tank as a child.  Then today I received a thank you card with another postcard.  Amy had made me one for my birthday and it looks as if it got lost along the way but all received and happily stuck on my sewing room wall :)

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17 June, 2014

All quiet on the western front

ahhh yes, it's all quiet here once more, it's been a manic couple of weeks, with lots of paperwork to catch up on, vat returns, year end, tax forms GRRRR and then the weather has been pretty wonderful, high 20's (29-30 on some days) and quite often just too hot to do anything except sit in the jacuzzi or pool. We're having a couple of days respite though and it's gearing back up from Friday onwards for a sweltering weekend and into next week, so I'm sewing while I can.

here are some piccies of what I've been upto
Let me introduce you to Katy my new sewing buddy tutorial by shanniloves.com  was thinking perhaps for @fatquarterly swop ??? #thoughts
I made this really cute sewing buddy from Shanni Loves it can also be used as a TV remote control holder,so I've spent tonight translating the tutorial into french for the patchwork ladies tomorrow. They all love owls, what's not to love :)

Playroom chair reupholstered for 3rd time, this time a bit more batting and some IKEA washable oilcloth stuff so fingers crossed it'll stay stain free
A quick 10 minutes with the staple gun reupholstered the kids playroom chair, this time with washable oilcloth, so pens and stains can hopefully just be wiped off.

Today I have made myself a new mug rug prototyping for possible #fqr14  sample swop

this foxy mug rug was appliqued on with my embroidery machine and is a prototype for the sample swop at Fat Quarterly retreat, I'm going to make an owl one and one or two foxes, suitable backing fabric has been ordered and hopefully by next week will be well on the way to being finished.

First swim in Nana and gramps pool this year
this kids have been occupied in my parents pool (this was taken about 6pm) and we've been enjoying catching up, they're here now for the summer so fingers crossed we get a nice hot one this year :)

#fqr14 name tag finished, it'll be going in post tomorrow and only @theoriginaltrash and I know where :) #hopeyoulikeit
Yesterday, my mission was to get my name tag swop for Fat Quarterly retreat finished, I'd made the lanyard late last week and just got down to making the tag, it's so awkward to get tidy edges when it's 3.5" square :( I hope my partner likes it and when it's received i'll show you more than the sneak peak lol :)

One down one to go, teachers gift thanks to @gogokim Fab tutorial with a cheesy poem about teachers lol

finally for tonight, yes I know that's quite enough, I always make teachers presents for the end of school year and at Christmas, after all they've looked after and taught my kids more hours in the year than I have probably, I know it's their job and they are paid to do it but I still think it's nice to show our appreciation of the work they do. I knew as soon as I saw kim's boxes for Sara@sewsweetness quilt market booth that it would be perfect for the teachers. I gently reminded Kim that she'd promised a tutorial on the fab fabric butterflies and Here it is. DD and I went shopping for a suitable box and chose fabrics. The poem is a slightly corny one about how the teacher is kind, gentle, beautiful like a princess (lol...so not correct) but there is a line about dressing like a butterfly (wtf??/) so it's appropriate and they do have good hearts like the poem says.
DD decided the box needed some pink and purple stamped flying insects, there are butterflies, what looks like a bee and others. Now to get DS to get his stamping hat on (god help me and the finished project) and wrap those beauties up ;)

I also have a flimsy finish but that can wait for another day, I'm off to bed now as I'm STILL waiting for my fat quarterly class list (lots of others have had theirs) and you know how patient I am... NOT so if i'm asleep I can't be pressing refresh on my email all night lol....

Happy Stitching
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03 June, 2014

Bit late to Fresh sewing day party

Yes I'm late to May's sewing day
Lily's Quilts
and I'm even more shocked by what I've actually got done in May. I feel quite exhausted looking at it to be honest, no wonder June is going to be paperwork catch up and Fat Quarterly retreat prep. I'm also now 2 months behind on my cross stitch sampler so really need to find time to get that done and I'm  in a postcard swop that needs to go in the post by the 14th June at the very latest.

Two quilts were quilted and bound ready to take to UK and donate to Siblings together. There was a fun final Euro Siblings quilt block, It seems that it might be the last block we make for the bee, unless a group of us can get together with some other euro's to makeup the numbers, is anyone interested ??
I finally made my mind up on the selvedge cushion to be or not to be and teamed it with some New York Beauty blocks to make  a cute wallhanging for my sewing room, a FAL WIP too so double win :)
A complete gingerbread house was constructed, decorated, destroyed and consumed.
I made a cute little hexi bag which I must try and remember to blog about this week and a pen basket that was going to be a teachers gift but i'm really not sure about it, currently dossed in a cupboard lol 
My Nested churn dash quilt also just slips into May by the skin of it's teeth. It was made in a week from start to finish so a lovely end to May, which brought me into my 39th year.... I'm climbing up to the summit of that hill and will be rolling down it next year ;(
Linking up to Lily's Quilts

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02 June, 2014

Primary Bee block for May

Before I show you my block, I'm going to show you what Alex from Aurifil sent me, Mum and some of her friends were talking on twitter that I needed my own Aurifil, Alex shared my photo on Facebook and I got lots of people liking my block and then Alex told mum he'd send me some of my own as a present.
When it arrived I was at school, mum couldn't look at it because it was addressed to me. hehehe
Look what he sent, isn't it great, my own threads.
Ohhh a very happy girlie @aurifil goodies sent by @alexveronelli thank you so much
Thank you Alex, I don't need to use mum's now

For my May block, we were asked to make a Pennsylvania block in white and Turquoise.  It was fun to make it and I like it now it's finished but it was a bit too much sewing.

DDS bee block

We used some of mum's bike path from her other quilt and mirror dots that sparkle.
It's gone in the post and when you get it, I hope you like it.

For June we have to make a churn dash block in purple and blue, it's colours I like.

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