16 May, 2014

Waving hello

Oh i'm sorry it's been so long since I blogged, life is getting in the way. On Sunday one of our darling kittens (she was about 11 months old) was run over and killed. It's shocked us all to the core and I really haven't felt like doing much this week. She was the one we thought would be old and grey, she hardly went out the front of the house and was very much a home body, usually found asleep on one of my quilts or cushions. Sunday afternoon, our neighbour knocked and said he'd found our kitten on the side of the road. Shock, numbness and just grief took over. We've had cats go missing and not come home, we've had them put to sleep because of their age but this is the first time one of ours has been run over and we've known. I feel some comfort in that we do know where she is and were able to bury her under her favourite climbing tree and we've planted some lavender and the kids are watering it and have somewhere to go and think about her. The kids were very brave and wanted to say goodbye to her, it nearly killed me to see my 9 yo boy smoothing her and giving her a goodbye kiss. They both say night night before going to bed. My DH is a complete softie when it comes to animals and he's taken it really badly. Her brother is doing ok though, which is a relief, a few days of walking around calling and looking for her but he seems to be managing ok and hopefully time will heal us all.

Finished @siblings2gether @machemeronlinefr @jenib320 giant star quilt and quilted with @aurifil blogged
So back to quilt talk :)
My lovely prize from @machemeronlinefr and now to decide what to make, any suggestions 6 fq table runner ??? I have had this quilt in my to make list for I don't know how long, I always love them when I see them and think, oh yes I have to make this. Jeni Baker's Giant Star Quilt has got to be one of the easiest quilts to make but wow it packs a visual punch.
I won these FQS from a facebook giveaway from a German company now selling fabric in France, Machemer Online it was 6 fat quarters of wildflower wood by Lynette Anderson, not usually my colour scheme but most definitely very good for the french market, they love blue's and browns.

 So it sat there for a day or so and I contemplated donating it to my patchwork club then my DD said ohh look at the lovely animals in it mum. I grabbed 2 more FQ's and got busy.

I cut the pattern size down as I only have a 16.5" ruler, so the hst's started off at that. I was originally using Kona snow for the background but it was so urghhh.... I thought a nice plum would work well and was going to order some and then the bike path fabric sprang to mind. I'd only ordered a yard of it from Fabric Guild who now sell online and ship to Europe :) and so then not having enough managed to grab another yard. At £3 a yard I should've just bought loads to start with ohhh well....But it was a flimsy as soon as it arrived.

Waves @siblings2gether @machemeronlinefr back of quilt

Fast forward to Monday and me deciding it was being quilted this week, loaded it up, changed needle, bobbin, cleaned and oiled the machine and all day it was a right bugger. I even swopped from Superior threads to Aurifil poly and she played better but not perfectly. I was in total frustration and would've quite happily thrown the frame and machine out of the window. Tuesday, a new day, a calmer me and I changed the needle for a stretch one, wow, the damn machine flew through the quilting, an hour later finished. I was trying a new to me pantograph called wave, it seemed appropriate with the bike path shape and I didn't want a stiffly quilted quilt.
Binding on and I've just finished hiding threads and hand sewing the binding on the back.
Here we go, another quilt ready for the Siblings Together charity. I think it's quite appropriate for a boy or a girl, the backing is another La Redoute cotton bed sheet and leans to a boy probably, my kids and dh don't think the bike path light purple make it particularly girly. I hope whoever gets it enjoys it :)

So it finishes at 60" square, 2 yards and 8 FQ's of fabric, 70/30 batting, la redoute cotton sheet and quilted with Aurifil seashell  Poly.
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  1. I love the giant star. I'm working on a similar quilt made up of smaller HSTs, but I like the visual effect of this more solid pattern. I'm sure whoever gets it will love it!

  2. I love that bike path fabric, and I am thinking I may need to stock up on it so that I don't end up like I did with Carolyn Friedlander's Architextures line--wishing I had some after it's hopelessly nowhere to be found.

  3. We lost our precious 4 1/2 yr old doxie on January 30th of this year and it has just about killed my husband and myself. The love of a pet is so strong..

  4. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your little kitten 😞

  5. it is so hard to loose a pet and especially sad when she had such a short life, the kids are getting comfort forom looking after where you have laid her to rest and as you say having a pet vanish is sometimes harder, this way you know she is at peace. Quilt looks lovely

  6. Oh don't, you're going to make me cry!!

  7. Oh, that's sad. Sorry to hear that news.
    I'm surprised to hear you say that the French needlewomen love blues and browns. I'd agree on the browns but here in the north dark reds seem much more popular than blues!


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