31 May, 2014

Nested Churn Dash

The wonders of Instagram have worked their magic again,I'm not sure how long ago, a month or maybe 6 weeks, I saw Jane make this fabulous  nested churn dash block,

I watched her turn it into a quilt and then she starting selling the pattern and said there would be a quilt a long. I quickly pressed buy and printed it out.

It makes a 24" block and so I thought i'd better have a practice before the sew along started on June 1st (so tomorrow :o))

Its my practice 4.5" #nestedchurndash @quiltjane its a beautiful block btw
This was the first block, it's 4.5" square, truly tiny and I was disappointed that my rain fell weirdly lol...

Then I added a nice bright orange with cream mirror dots
Enough for tonight #nestedchurndash

Then came blue (amy butler I think perhaps can't be bothered looking) some gorgeous Summersville and my favourite sketch
So wish I didn't have football all afternoon #nestedchurndash

To finish the 24" block bright pink sketch and some christmas fabric that I love (im not getting off settee to look what it's called lol)
It isn't wonky its the phone lol...a big cushion or a scrappy quilt ??? I love it but not sure the other 8 would be as good #nestedchurndash

It sat there on the wall I posted on IG and asked if I make it into a nice cushion or make more. I knew I didn't have enough fabric to make a set exactly the same, probably wouldn't want to either but then Betty voiced the idea i'd been having anyway. I started some calculations and decided the next round would be some of my Angela Walters textures in yellow/grey and that got joined by grey mirror dots. I love how they sparkle. By now it's 36"
Think I need 2 more rounds to make it 60" tula with jade or cassette with purple next #nestedchurndash

For the 48" round I used my very very secretly stashed Tula Pink Meteor fabric, along with a really vivid Jade plain fabric and some bike path.
#nestedchurndash 48" square what colour for final round ??? Purple perhaps ??? Black

I adore how it looked at this stage, I offered up fabrics all evening and as I needed 2 lots of fabric 48" x 25" and I really didn't want a join, I slept on it and the next day, started thinking I'd buy more fabric, I held up loads of colour options but nothing really gelled. Talked to DH who is my guru on quilt decisions, he simply asked, who's it for and where's it going. I told him this one was for us and for the settee to which he replied ok, leave it like it is, it's big enough to cover your lap/feet/chest and is a great size for the kids. 20 minutes later and it was on the frame and was being quilted.
I used my favourite Aurifil in Seashell and quilted double loops and some single ones
Decision made, this is gonna be on my settee tonight #nestedchurndash
The quilt gods were with my and within 45 minutes I was making binding. The bike path seemed the perfect choice, by 5pm it was machine bound on one side and then after dinner and kids bedtime, I sat binding and hiding threads. I was snuggling underneath it before bed :o)
This morning I grabbed some piccies of the backing, it's some of the fabric from Ikea and is gorgeously bright and cheerful like the front. I love how happy this little quilt makes me, I love it colourwise, fabricwise and it's just perfect. I think this quilt might be "Me" !!!! if that's possible. I'm sounding weird now.
So I'm going to leave you with some final piccies and a reminder to go check out the Quilt Along there are some fab prizes and it's a easy block for beginners once you take care with the first block, I'm tempted to make a 24" mini quilt or a cushion.

Dd has just asked me not to give this to the children that don't live with their mummies (she means @siblings2gether) and if we could keep this one lol

48" #nestedchurndash pattern by @quiltjane quilted and pieced with @aurifil will blog later. Can it go in sewalong @quiltjane or do I need to make another one ??? :)

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  1. looks great, it is unusual to see a quilt made from one massive block but it works really well

  2. Gorgeous, and you're right, it is you!

  3. well done it looks really good x

  4. I really love how this turned out and turned into a quilt! Love the pop of pink with the blues!!

  5. Yeah for you. It did turn out great. I wish I had time to join in on this QAL.

  6. I love it: you've made it so beautifully!
    Now I have to make one too ...

  7. I wasn't expecting what you ended u with as I started reading your post ... it looks great!

    Well done with your Finish alongs for this quarter, enjoy the holidays!


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