02 May, 2014

my first finish of May :)

Wow, I can't quite believe I've got my first finish of May, as of this morning it wasn't even a proper to do, it is on my Finish a long for this quarter but it was probably going to be left to the last minute.
I spent last night at patchwork club sorting out my scraps into shoe boxes, it's sooooooo much easier to see and much tidier and organised.

10 shoe boxes later colour sorted scraps, strips and squares are separate

Well this morning, I found another big bag of scraps lol...so sorted them out and came upon 4 of my New York Beauty blocks I made ohhh in March 2012 !!!!  I haven't got enough of the fabric left to make more so I decided to sew 4 of them together, another cushion I thought.  Well then I looked on my design wall and my selvedge star was staring back at me.

A few borders later and I was ready to quilt, I used the Janome this time as the walking foot was better and had my first attempt at concentric circle quilting, it's far from perfect but I think it goes well on both sides of the mini wall hanging.


It finishes 20" and will brighten up my sewing room and when I get bored, I can just turn it around lol, I've just burnt my finger taking these photos.... don't be a silly wotsit and touch the light bulb with your finger to move the light closer to the wall DOH... I may not be hand sewing for some time lol..

Oh, we've (Amelia and I) been completely overwhelmed by the reaction to Amelia's bee block, Aurifil and Alex have retweeted, shared it everywhere on Facebook and the comments have been fabulous, Alex has very very very generously said he'll send Amelia her own Aurifil, what a lucky girl eh.

Now to see what else is on my finish along :)  I've now finished two of my four WIPS

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  1. how many scraps have you got!!! boxes and boxes lucky you, can see a scrap quilt emerging soon. Love what you have done with the wall hanging and to be able to hang it both ways great idea

  2. Gosh! I thought I had a lot of scraps! Love your little quilt (both sides).

  3. I ADORE this quilt!!! And I agree, concentric quilting really is awesome!
    XX! Lori
    Ps, love the scan code intro and kitten video :)


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