02 May, 2014

Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts

April flew past me without a glance, two weeks of miserable weather and kids home from school on half term holiday, ate into my productivity. Easter is always a time of baking in this household, especially as we don't get hot cross buns so I have to make them lol, then dh's birthday fell on Good Friday. My parents and bro came over in early April, so that meant mum needed rubber gloves for the french house...

A day out at Reza Mahammed's cookery school in the Charente with mum was most definitely the highlight of April and of the year so far. Not sure much can top it tbh, he is just so funny, totally like he is on the TV and the meal we made was delish.

There were two postcard finishes, a key fob, two flimsy top finishes, two pairs of posh rubber gloves, bee blocks, scrap sortings, some fabric purchasing and the Euro's siblings together top quilted and finished ready for sending/giving.

May is probably not going to be much better, i'm hoping to get one or both of the flimsy's quilted as I'm giving them to Siblings too.
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  1. The cookery day sounds amazing

  2. Home made hot cross buns are so much better than store bought, though!


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