31 May, 2014

Nested Churn Dash

The wonders of Instagram have worked their magic again,I'm not sure how long ago, a month or maybe 6 weeks, I saw Jane make this fabulous  nested churn dash block,

I watched her turn it into a quilt and then she starting selling the pattern and said there would be a quilt a long. I quickly pressed buy and printed it out.

It makes a 24" block and so I thought i'd better have a practice before the sew along started on June 1st (so tomorrow :o))

Its my practice 4.5" #nestedchurndash @quiltjane its a beautiful block btw
This was the first block, it's 4.5" square, truly tiny and I was disappointed that my rain fell weirdly lol...

Then I added a nice bright orange with cream mirror dots
Enough for tonight #nestedchurndash

Then came blue (amy butler I think perhaps can't be bothered looking) some gorgeous Summersville and my favourite sketch
So wish I didn't have football all afternoon #nestedchurndash

To finish the 24" block bright pink sketch and some christmas fabric that I love (im not getting off settee to look what it's called lol)
It isn't wonky its the phone lol...a big cushion or a scrappy quilt ??? I love it but not sure the other 8 would be as good #nestedchurndash

It sat there on the wall I posted on IG and asked if I make it into a nice cushion or make more. I knew I didn't have enough fabric to make a set exactly the same, probably wouldn't want to either but then Betty voiced the idea i'd been having anyway. I started some calculations and decided the next round would be some of my Angela Walters textures in yellow/grey and that got joined by grey mirror dots. I love how they sparkle. By now it's 36"
Think I need 2 more rounds to make it 60" tula with jade or cassette with purple next #nestedchurndash

For the 48" round I used my very very secretly stashed Tula Pink Meteor fabric, along with a really vivid Jade plain fabric and some bike path.
#nestedchurndash 48" square what colour for final round ??? Purple perhaps ??? Black

I adore how it looked at this stage, I offered up fabrics all evening and as I needed 2 lots of fabric 48" x 25" and I really didn't want a join, I slept on it and the next day, started thinking I'd buy more fabric, I held up loads of colour options but nothing really gelled. Talked to DH who is my guru on quilt decisions, he simply asked, who's it for and where's it going. I told him this one was for us and for the settee to which he replied ok, leave it like it is, it's big enough to cover your lap/feet/chest and is a great size for the kids. 20 minutes later and it was on the frame and was being quilted.
I used my favourite Aurifil in Seashell and quilted double loops and some single ones
Decision made, this is gonna be on my settee tonight #nestedchurndash
The quilt gods were with my and within 45 minutes I was making binding. The bike path seemed the perfect choice, by 5pm it was machine bound on one side and then after dinner and kids bedtime, I sat binding and hiding threads. I was snuggling underneath it before bed :o)
This morning I grabbed some piccies of the backing, it's some of the fabric from Ikea and is gorgeously bright and cheerful like the front. I love how happy this little quilt makes me, I love it colourwise, fabricwise and it's just perfect. I think this quilt might be "Me" !!!! if that's possible. I'm sounding weird now.
So I'm going to leave you with some final piccies and a reminder to go check out the Quilt Along there are some fab prizes and it's a easy block for beginners once you take care with the first block, I'm tempted to make a 24" mini quilt or a cushion.

Dd has just asked me not to give this to the children that don't live with their mummies (she means @siblings2gether) and if we could keep this one lol

48" #nestedchurndash pattern by @quiltjane quilted and pieced with @aurifil will blog later. Can it go in sewalong @quiltjane or do I need to make another one ??? :)

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29 May, 2014

Siblings Together #3

Lol, I don't post for ages and only with a finish. I've got another little finish but that'll be for a post over the weekend. We've had loads of bank holidays here and school trips, it seems the kids haven't actually had a full week in school for ages. They have yet another day off a week Monday, which i'd forgotten about opps.

Last Sunday was Mothers Day here and after breakfast in bed, flowers, choccies and home made gifts, I cooked up a smashing roast dinner and loaded up my red/white siblings quilt.

This one was originally part of a Valentines round robin, it went all over the USA before coming back to me,
This was my first block, pair of loving siblings :)

It's quite appropriate as my first block was a redwork machine embroidery of two small children
@siblingstogether flimsy. Dd wants it but I think she'll let another little girl have it. Was a round robin project. @lilysquilts that'll be 3 from me this year if I get a move on :)

it sat as a UFO for ages and then I added some borders to make it big enough for a small child quilt.
Feeling my inner @trudi_wood this afternoon red on whitish quilt may have been slightly foolish

I used some magnifico superior threads polyester for both the bobbin and the top thread. I wanted to have a bit of a play with the quilting as it's about time I moved from the swirls and loops.  There are e's and L's, some banana type swirl things, some back and forth rounded bits, some stippling, some loops and swirls and a tiny bit of squarer quilting.
Final @siblings2gether quilt from me this year, labels to go on next. This one is only 48" square but ideal for a smaller child or snuggle quilt. Will blog later but its a round robin project and quilted with @superiorthreads this time round
I only noticed the baggy bit when i took the photo, I didn't want to quilt in the middle as I thought i'd muck it up and you'd notice it too much but the baggy bit isn't as bad as this in real life, well I hope it won't spoil it for a little kid, I'll sew the label on there.  I binded it in some fab Minnie Mouse type white spots on red fabric.
It finishes at 48" square and a perfect size for a little 7 or 8 year old.

My third and final Siblings together quilt for this year and the exciting news, I'm taking it over in person :)  Fat Quarterly have issued some Saturday day tickets and as I'm in UK for only 8 days that was so much better for me, cheaper and no hotel costs :0) although i'm on the 7am train and the 11.30pm one back.  Handing over the quilts and talking to the wonderful founder of the charity was last years highlight for me so i'm hoping she'll be there on Saturday night and not Friday lol...

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16 May, 2014

Waving hello

Oh i'm sorry it's been so long since I blogged, life is getting in the way. On Sunday one of our darling kittens (she was about 11 months old) was run over and killed. It's shocked us all to the core and I really haven't felt like doing much this week. She was the one we thought would be old and grey, she hardly went out the front of the house and was very much a home body, usually found asleep on one of my quilts or cushions. Sunday afternoon, our neighbour knocked and said he'd found our kitten on the side of the road. Shock, numbness and just grief took over. We've had cats go missing and not come home, we've had them put to sleep because of their age but this is the first time one of ours has been run over and we've known. I feel some comfort in that we do know where she is and were able to bury her under her favourite climbing tree and we've planted some lavender and the kids are watering it and have somewhere to go and think about her. The kids were very brave and wanted to say goodbye to her, it nearly killed me to see my 9 yo boy smoothing her and giving her a goodbye kiss. They both say night night before going to bed. My DH is a complete softie when it comes to animals and he's taken it really badly. Her brother is doing ok though, which is a relief, a few days of walking around calling and looking for her but he seems to be managing ok and hopefully time will heal us all.

Finished @siblings2gether @machemeronlinefr @jenib320 giant star quilt and quilted with @aurifil blogged
So back to quilt talk :)
My lovely prize from @machemeronlinefr and now to decide what to make, any suggestions 6 fq table runner ??? I have had this quilt in my to make list for I don't know how long, I always love them when I see them and think, oh yes I have to make this. Jeni Baker's Giant Star Quilt has got to be one of the easiest quilts to make but wow it packs a visual punch.
I won these FQS from a facebook giveaway from a German company now selling fabric in France, Machemer Online it was 6 fat quarters of wildflower wood by Lynette Anderson, not usually my colour scheme but most definitely very good for the french market, they love blue's and browns.

 So it sat there for a day or so and I contemplated donating it to my patchwork club then my DD said ohh look at the lovely animals in it mum. I grabbed 2 more FQ's and got busy.

I cut the pattern size down as I only have a 16.5" ruler, so the hst's started off at that. I was originally using Kona snow for the background but it was so urghhh.... I thought a nice plum would work well and was going to order some and then the bike path fabric sprang to mind. I'd only ordered a yard of it from Fabric Guild who now sell online and ship to Europe :) and so then not having enough managed to grab another yard. At £3 a yard I should've just bought loads to start with ohhh well....But it was a flimsy as soon as it arrived.

Waves @siblings2gether @machemeronlinefr back of quilt

Fast forward to Monday and me deciding it was being quilted this week, loaded it up, changed needle, bobbin, cleaned and oiled the machine and all day it was a right bugger. I even swopped from Superior threads to Aurifil poly and she played better but not perfectly. I was in total frustration and would've quite happily thrown the frame and machine out of the window. Tuesday, a new day, a calmer me and I changed the needle for a stretch one, wow, the damn machine flew through the quilting, an hour later finished. I was trying a new to me pantograph called wave, it seemed appropriate with the bike path shape and I didn't want a stiffly quilted quilt.
Binding on and I've just finished hiding threads and hand sewing the binding on the back.
Here we go, another quilt ready for the Siblings Together charity. I think it's quite appropriate for a boy or a girl, the backing is another La Redoute cotton bed sheet and leans to a boy probably, my kids and dh don't think the bike path light purple make it particularly girly. I hope whoever gets it enjoys it :)

So it finishes at 60" square, 2 yards and 8 FQ's of fabric, 70/30 batting, la redoute cotton sheet and quilted with Aurifil seashell  Poly.
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05 May, 2014

Monday morning madness

Lol.... the kids have gone back to school, only 9 weeks until the big holidays and lots of lie ins. This morning though, we were all up and out the door. It's a lovely sunny day so I might even venture outside for a walk with the dog. But first, my May bee block for euro siblings together.
I really enjoyed making this one, although looks like I should've ironed it again before sending.
Thoroughly enjoyed making this block for euro siblings together

I think this will make a fabulous male teenager quilt.
And hopefully, today i'm going to give these Baskets a go, I'm thinking teacher presents, I have some fab pencil fabric and we could fill them with some pens and pencils... I have after all only got 9 weeks to prepare something ;)

Have a fantastic Monday and for those in UK a great bank holiday x

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02 May, 2014

Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts

April flew past me without a glance, two weeks of miserable weather and kids home from school on half term holiday, ate into my productivity. Easter is always a time of baking in this household, especially as we don't get hot cross buns so I have to make them lol, then dh's birthday fell on Good Friday. My parents and bro came over in early April, so that meant mum needed rubber gloves for the french house...

A day out at Reza Mahammed's cookery school in the Charente with mum was most definitely the highlight of April and of the year so far. Not sure much can top it tbh, he is just so funny, totally like he is on the TV and the meal we made was delish.

There were two postcard finishes, a key fob, two flimsy top finishes, two pairs of posh rubber gloves, bee blocks, scrap sortings, some fabric purchasing and the Euro's siblings together top quilted and finished ready for sending/giving.

May is probably not going to be much better, i'm hoping to get one or both of the flimsy's quilted as I'm giving them to Siblings too.
Linking up as always to Lynne's blog

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my first finish of May :)

Wow, I can't quite believe I've got my first finish of May, as of this morning it wasn't even a proper to do, it is on my Finish a long for this quarter but it was probably going to be left to the last minute.
I spent last night at patchwork club sorting out my scraps into shoe boxes, it's sooooooo much easier to see and much tidier and organised.

10 shoe boxes later colour sorted scraps, strips and squares are separate

Well this morning, I found another big bag of scraps lol...so sorted them out and came upon 4 of my New York Beauty blocks I made ohhh in March 2012 !!!!  I haven't got enough of the fabric left to make more so I decided to sew 4 of them together, another cushion I thought.  Well then I looked on my design wall and my selvedge star was staring back at me.

A few borders later and I was ready to quilt, I used the Janome this time as the walking foot was better and had my first attempt at concentric circle quilting, it's far from perfect but I think it goes well on both sides of the mini wall hanging.


It finishes 20" and will brighten up my sewing room and when I get bored, I can just turn it around lol, I've just burnt my finger taking these photos.... don't be a silly wotsit and touch the light bulb with your finger to move the light closer to the wall DOH... I may not be hand sewing for some time lol..

Oh, we've (Amelia and I) been completely overwhelmed by the reaction to Amelia's bee block, Aurifil and Alex have retweeted, shared it everywhere on Facebook and the comments have been fabulous, Alex has very very very generously said he'll send Amelia her own Aurifil, what a lucky girl eh.

Now to see what else is on my finish along :)  I've now finished two of my four WIPS

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