05 April, 2014

ohhh how well did I do

Finish Along 2014
You know how in January I posted my finish along first quarters WIP's,
well incase you can't be bothered looking back, I put 6 WIP's up,
They included 3 quilts, a bolster pillow, a wall hanging and my selvedge star to do something with.
I can't admit to a complete success, I've been naughty and started new stuff without finishing my wip's but I don't think 50% finished is sooooo bad, is it ???

First up was the Economy block along quilt
It was only a few blocks in early January but was a completed quilt by the end of the month :)

A Valentines day finish for the triangle quilt here

Then finally there was the starburst quilt, it was already pieced but needed quilting and binding, that was a February finish and is being enjoyed on DS's bed

I'm sure you'll see the other wip's that I failed to finish may well appear in the next quarter along with some new ones lol....

Have a great weekend :)
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