14 April, 2014

FAL Quarter 2

It's the last day of the Finish along sign ups for Quarter 2,

I've been trying to get sorted in my head what is actually achievable.


The most important thing for this quarter is to get the Euro Siblings Together quilt blocks into a flimsy and then into a finished quilt and hopefully even sent off by June.

I'm also tagging on the unfinished items from Q1,
So i've got to get the

Flower hexi wall hanging, quilted and bound

The selvedge star turned into a cushion or a wall hanging for my new frame room

And last but not least my lozanges needs to be finished into a cushion....

So 4 WIPS to try and get crossed off my list this quarter....
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  1. 4 interesting projects here, the selvedge one must have been so fiddly. The siblings quilt is that the charity that makes quilts for children who are in care? if so we are supporting it at the Leeds MQG


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