30 April, 2014

Euro Siblings Together Quilt

It's been truly mad here the last month or so, I'll try and blog about my Trip to Indian Reza's cookery school and various goings on #Chez Parsons tomorrow.
But for the most important bit,
First finished @siblings2gether quilt of the year, this was the #eurosiblingstogether blocks from last year #slack will blog later or tomorrow

My Euro siblings together quilt started off all the way back in July last year, We're a group of 12 European girlies that formed a bee for Siblings together, we aren't lucky enough to have sponsorship so all the fabrics, threads and batting are our own, we're thrilled that we're donating 12 quilts this year.Some of the girlies gave me blocks at Fat quarterly retreat, others sent them and I'm quite sad to say they sat there and sat there, I knew I wanted to get it done before May.
Lol, anyway just before Easter I spent a few hours stitching it together into a flimsy and then thought I'll go load it on the frame....well it was very quickly quilted. I used Aurifil Polyester for longarm in the seashell again, with some fairly large loopy loops, I didn't want it over quilted.
I used a zig zag extra wide for the backing and decided to use it as the binding too, I know it's a bit busy but the solids I had looked weird on the backside.
It finishes at 44" x 58" not huge but as I have learn't, a perfect size for a child, a child that snuggles on the settee and being that size doesn't tend to end up getting grubby from being on the floor.  I'm thinking about the carer's and having to wash it all the time lol...

For those of you that don't know what Siblings Together is all about, please take time to check our their site, Here  It's inspirational and I am really fortunate to have a close loving family, we have got adopted members and my sister in law works as a social worker and some of the horror stories she has to tell. I think it's a fabulous way to try and keep siblings at least in communication together and to have the memories of a fabulous holiday and going home with a quilt made with love.

Part of my manic few weeks has involved making these two quilts

@siblingstogether flimsy. Dd wants it but I think she'll let another little girl have it. Was a round robin project. @lilysquilts that'll be 3 from me this year if I get a move on :)

@siblings2gether flimsy top @jenib320 giant vintage star quilt, would you say more girl or boy, my lot say either

I'll blog more about them when they are finished but I'll be taking/sending 3 quilts to Siblings Together this year :)

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  1. all those blocks look great as a quilt, we are going to do some blocks at the Leeds MQG as the charity we have chosen to support

  2. Congrats on your finishes, just in under the wire :o)


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