30 April, 2014

April's Primary bee block

Lol, it's that time again, we were cutting it close this month.

April bento block for #primarybee @sixmunchkinstitching it'll be in post on Friday as shut tomorrow :( hope she doesn't mind pale colours

This month we had to make the bento box block again, the colours had to be pink, purple and yellow. I hope that she likes it, I chose some from my mum's stash and some of my own from my cupboard. My favourite fabric is the purple butterflies. We made the block while my brother was at football practice, I borrowed mum's sewing machine and she squeeled when she saw I had her Aurifil in there.... hehehehe
Mum ironed the blocks and I sewed them together.
They are going in the post on Friday because tomorrow is a holiday, must check with mum what May's block is.


  1. What a mean Mum, not wanting to share her Aurifil. Perhaps someone at Aurifil will read this and send you some. If not, I'll share my Aurifil and send you a few small reels.

  2. what a great job you have done here, can see Mum is a great teacher as you are so very skilled

  3. Very pretty and a job nicely done. I'm proud of all that you've accomplished so far.

  4. Very well done! That's a complicated block, but you've done a beautiful job on it!


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