30 April, 2014

Euro Siblings Together Quilt

It's been truly mad here the last month or so, I'll try and blog about my Trip to Indian Reza's cookery school and various goings on #Chez Parsons tomorrow.
But for the most important bit,
First finished @siblings2gether quilt of the year, this was the #eurosiblingstogether blocks from last year #slack will blog later or tomorrow

My Euro siblings together quilt started off all the way back in July last year, We're a group of 12 European girlies that formed a bee for Siblings together, we aren't lucky enough to have sponsorship so all the fabrics, threads and batting are our own, we're thrilled that we're donating 12 quilts this year.Some of the girlies gave me blocks at Fat quarterly retreat, others sent them and I'm quite sad to say they sat there and sat there, I knew I wanted to get it done before May.
Lol, anyway just before Easter I spent a few hours stitching it together into a flimsy and then thought I'll go load it on the frame....well it was very quickly quilted. I used Aurifil Polyester for longarm in the seashell again, with some fairly large loopy loops, I didn't want it over quilted.
I used a zig zag extra wide for the backing and decided to use it as the binding too, I know it's a bit busy but the solids I had looked weird on the backside.
It finishes at 44" x 58" not huge but as I have learn't, a perfect size for a child, a child that snuggles on the settee and being that size doesn't tend to end up getting grubby from being on the floor.  I'm thinking about the carer's and having to wash it all the time lol...

For those of you that don't know what Siblings Together is all about, please take time to check our their site, Here  It's inspirational and I am really fortunate to have a close loving family, we have got adopted members and my sister in law works as a social worker and some of the horror stories she has to tell. I think it's a fabulous way to try and keep siblings at least in communication together and to have the memories of a fabulous holiday and going home with a quilt made with love.

Part of my manic few weeks has involved making these two quilts

@siblingstogether flimsy. Dd wants it but I think she'll let another little girl have it. Was a round robin project. @lilysquilts that'll be 3 from me this year if I get a move on :)

@siblings2gether flimsy top @jenib320 giant vintage star quilt, would you say more girl or boy, my lot say either

I'll blog more about them when they are finished but I'll be taking/sending 3 quilts to Siblings Together this year :)

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April's Primary bee block

Lol, it's that time again, we were cutting it close this month.

April bento block for #primarybee @sixmunchkinstitching it'll be in post on Friday as shut tomorrow :( hope she doesn't mind pale colours

This month we had to make the bento box block again, the colours had to be pink, purple and yellow. I hope that she likes it, I chose some from my mum's stash and some of my own from my cupboard. My favourite fabric is the purple butterflies. We made the block while my brother was at football practice, I borrowed mum's sewing machine and she squeeled when she saw I had her Aurifil in there.... hehehehe
Mum ironed the blocks and I sewed them together.
They are going in the post on Friday because tomorrow is a holiday, must check with mum what May's block is.

14 April, 2014

FAL Quarter 2

It's the last day of the Finish along sign ups for Quarter 2,

I've been trying to get sorted in my head what is actually achievable.


The most important thing for this quarter is to get the Euro Siblings Together quilt blocks into a flimsy and then into a finished quilt and hopefully even sent off by June.

I'm also tagging on the unfinished items from Q1,
So i've got to get the

Flower hexi wall hanging, quilted and bound

The selvedge star turned into a cushion or a wall hanging for my new frame room

And last but not least my lozanges needs to be finished into a cushion....

So 4 WIPS to try and get crossed off my list this quarter....
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05 April, 2014

ohhh how well did I do

Finish Along 2014
You know how in January I posted my finish along first quarters WIP's,
well incase you can't be bothered looking back, I put 6 WIP's up,
They included 3 quilts, a bolster pillow, a wall hanging and my selvedge star to do something with.
I can't admit to a complete success, I've been naughty and started new stuff without finishing my wip's but I don't think 50% finished is sooooo bad, is it ???

First up was the Economy block along quilt
It was only a few blocks in early January but was a completed quilt by the end of the month :)

A Valentines day finish for the triangle quilt here

Then finally there was the starburst quilt, it was already pieced but needed quilting and binding, that was a February finish and is being enjoyed on DS's bed

I'm sure you'll see the other wip's that I failed to finish may well appear in the next quarter along with some new ones lol....

Have a great weekend :)
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01 April, 2014

Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts

Well I am really surprised to be honest, I have it appears made stuff and not blogged about it, well that's a kick up the bum !!!!

I've made my scrappy bag, my sew along pouch, three pairs of fancy washing up gloves, a quick 10 minute make flower brooch, a really cute cross bee block, a hexi postcard for my mum, the bee in love hexi cushion, a clip purse, a new ironing pad and a matching pin cushion :)

So not huge finishes but a good variety.  Linking up as always to Lynnes Fresh sewing day at Lilysquilts
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Bad Blogger

Wow, two weeks since I last blogged, I do find Instagram seems to be taking over alot of our blogging posts, my blog reading list is much smaller than it used to be, I think it's because instagram is instant and you get likes or comments rapidly, plus it's soooo much quicker just to post a picture lol...

I have to say, there hasn't actually been much sewing done around here, You'll see just how little there was tomorrow when I try and get my March makes posted. I've struggled to find time with decorating DS's bedroom, travelling 600km's round trip twice in 8 days to pick up and return cars, pick up another one. There's been stress, lots of running around and my sewing mojo has once again deserted me. I need to get a shift on with some quilts but really can't be naffed. Let's hope April is better for that.

I did however fancy the challenge of the Sew together sew along, the very talented Quilt Barn hosted a sew along, I watched all 5 parts appearing and decided it was do-able just. You know how I hate zippers, well this has 4 of the things EEEEKKK
 If I had just bought the pattern, I would have given up on stage 1, for me it most certainly wasn't the clearest instructions I've seen and if bags are that complicated, i'll be sticking to Sara@sewsweetness because I have nooooooooooo talent in pattern reading it appears.

But I followed the fab tutorial from quilt barn and step by step. Within 30 minutes of choosing the fabric i'd managed day one, Day two started on Tuesday with zippers eeek but I finished the whole thing by Tuesday evening. 
I think if your ok with zippers you'll be fine, if you can machine bind it'll be quicker, I'm absolutely crap so I hand stitched my binding on one side and if your slightly more accurate than me with your pouches you'll be fine. 
It just scrapes through as a march finish, a mirror dot marvel and even though Ds and dd want one each, not sure an experience I'll repeat #perhaps #sewtogethersewalong

I love all the mirror dots and am going to order more zippers, DS and DD want one but I'm thinking they might have to fight for them.... I *think* they might be great teacher gifts for end of term so I'm reckoning on getting two made by July :)

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