10 March, 2014

Primary Bee Bento Box block

It's that time when I hand my blog over to Amelia for her to tell you all about this month's primary bee block.

This month we had to make a bento box with bright pink, light pink and purple.  I chose a pink sketch and a hot pink sketch with purple rain (see the girl has taste like her mum and we're sketch girlies all the way)

Dd's #primarybee bento box block, two pink sketches and purple rain. So #proud of her

One afternoon we cut the fabric into strips and sewed some of them together.  Mum cut them with the rotary cutter but I was allowed to use the Bernina to sew.
Then this afternoon I've sewed the two halves together and then to make it into the block.
It was the 2nd hardest block so far I think.  I like it lots and might choose it for my turn in August.
Mum's sending it tomorrow (It's gone in the post today)  and it should be in America by Friday, hope the girl likes it.


  1. It looks great! I love the purple rain fabric.

  2. Sunshine is going to LOVE it! It is all her favorite colors. We can't wait to see all the blocks together. Nicely done Amelia.

  3. beautifully done, you will be needing your own machine soon or poor Mum will never be allowed on hers


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