17 March, 2014

Me Me Me Monday

I've had to keep this fairly secret as I made a pair for my mum, it was her birthday yesterday and she didn't realise they were home made she thought i'd bought them :)
I bought the sensationail led nail kit to try and get my nails to grow better and look nicer and after a week they all chipped while I was washing up :( they are *supposed* to last 14 days but friends and sensationail told me it was advisory to wear gloves while washing up or doing housework. I didn't want ordinary marigolds :)

You know how u told me to wear gloves for washing up well I've customised some, gonna send a set to my mum for mothers day :) @sensationailuk @imagingermonkey

I knew exactly what I wanted to do and literally made 3 pairs in like an hour, measured the gloves, cut out a 6" wide strip, ironed it in half and then gathered the rough edges to the glove size, sewed it into a circle and then just stitched it onto the gloves. Easy as pie :) and don't they look lovely, it's actually a pleasure to wash up now.

Mum and I both have the donut's but I had to try some zig zag sketch too :)
And a pink zig zag sketch pair, 3 pairs an hour. Never again will I have boring marigolds :)

DD want's a pair now but I need to buy her small size gloves so perhaps she'll get a pair next week :)

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  1. made me laugh so much xx they are fabulous xx

  2. These are fab! Must make some for my Marigold-wearing neighbour!

  3. how posh are you!!! They look fab


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