05 March, 2014

its been a bee of a day

It's been a bu***r of a week so far, the kids are home for the 2nd week of their school holidays and I've come down with the most awful cold, hot eyes, snotty nose, flu like legs, headache the lot... ARGHHHH four days in now so fingers crossed it's on it's way out.

It has meant, I've been sitting around not wanting to go near a sewing machine but have been quite happy to make some hexi's.

I saw this pattern in one of last year's Quilters World for this gorgeous cushion,

I recognised the designer's name and it was indeed Joanna@shape-moth who was one of my EPP teachers at FQR last year.
I think the yellows, greys and black go really well. I enjoyed making this cushion and I think it'd be quite fab as a wall hanging too... sorry for the picture but the weather was appalling.
Finished cushion from last years quilters world, lots of hexies, do need a better pillow form and will blog tomorrow :)

There's some yellow sketch, two plain yellows,two different shades of grey and then black :)

I'm kinda loving hexi's again atm :)
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  1. This is gorgeous! You are getting so professional. I can see a Pippa Parsons web site/tutorials/fabric/designs coming soon. xx

  2. Saw this cushion on IG and thought it was fabulous! Really love the hand-stitched buzzy bee trail. Beautiful work Pippa. Hope you are all better v soon x

  3. What a great cushion. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. do hope you are feeling better soon. Great cushion,

  5. It's really lovely - I must try some EPP sometime. Hope your cold goes away very soon - and that the children don't get it!

  6. Sorry about the germie invasion but the pillow is adorable.


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