01 March, 2014

Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts

It's that time of the month again, here's the mosaic 

The little Rain mini was a very last minute finish but cute hanging on my sewing room wall.  I actually recovered two chairs in the last week, one for DS and a bright pink one for DD.
First go at a patchwork postcard, expect to see a few more in the next few months, I really enjoyed making it.  I got my February cross stitch done nice and early and my bee blocks.
There were two big quilt finishes, the starburst and the triangle quilt, all for my FALQ1 :) and the biggest finish of them all was my DD's bedroom, which is finally finished and we have a very happy 6 year old in her big girl bedroom.

I'm planning a fairly calm March, I've got a cushion I want to finish and not much else on, perhaps I'll get a few of the scissor quilt blocks done and maybe one of my remaining FAL's. 

Linking up as always to lilys quilts
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  1. How's your daughter getting on in her own room? She certainly looks happy!

  2. Lots of great projects. I love that fairy tale cross stitch and the umbrellas must go on my have to try these list. I like your covered chair but covering my chair is just in the too hard box at present. I have never done furniture before. Your daughter's room look great. I am doing a mosaic post on 5th March.

  3. plenty done this last month and such a variety. Meeting went well in Leeds yesterday about 20 turned up

  4. Great mosic how do you find the time

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