16 March, 2014

Fat Quarterly Friendship bag

It's been a busy week and with a sick daughter, lots of researching car insurance and trying to catch up after half term, I haven't had much time to sew BUT I've made a bag :)

I added bag feet and a piece of cardboard in base and didn't use zip pocket as I never actually put anything in pockets lol @sewsweetness @fatquarterly #friendshipbag

It's from the scrap issue of Fat Quarterly, designed by my favourite bag maker Sara from Sewsweetness. I loved this from the beginning and wanted to use up some more scraps. I spent some time sorting through my browns/oranges/teal/green and blue. I used green mirror dots for the lining and adapted the pattern slightly, didn't put in the zippered pocket as I don't use them much at all and tend to just shove everything in.

@fatquarterly @sewsweetness friendship bag finish from scrap issue.... All scraps and stash #stashbusting

I'm not sure what it is but I always have very baggy lining, I always tend to cut it about 1/2 an inch smaller anyway. I added some cute little bag feet because my bags get hard wear and it needed a bit of cardboard in the base to stiffen it up a bit more.
It's a scrummy bag reminds me of spring and I can't wait to use it tomorrow :) I can see some more of these in my future
Thanks Sara for another fab pattern

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  1. looks great, reminds me that I have bought the ezine as I wanted to have a go too. Plastic canvas I have been told is good to put in the bottom of bags so I will be on the hunt for some of that.

  2. I'm a baggy lining girl too! This looks great!


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