27 February, 2014

Starburst and Quilting gods

It's been quilted and bound for a while but has been used and put to one side but tonight I got busy and hid all those pesky threads and it's now officially *finished*
The giant starburst was a quilt along by canoeridgecreations although TBH there were only two posts and it sorta petered out I think. I didn't follow the cutting instructions either though lol.. I wanted to make it all with hst's and not the recommended flying geese.
It's made up with zig zag sketch in various different colours and kona white, bound with a funky red sketch and backed with my la redoute cotton bed sheet :)
There is a little story about the quilting, ho hum.... I'd finished the zig zag quilt and got this on the frame. Cleaned the machine and changed the needle. Wasn't quite sure which thread to use but thought playing it safe with a white YLI cotton thread would probably be best. I've used it quite happily before and had no problems but oh no, Machine was a pig and kept breaking thread, tension rubbish, so I rethreaded it, cleaned it again, changed needle AGAIN and decided to go with superior poly thread as it doesn't tend to break as much, same problems and lots of unpicking.
#quilting gods are being sh**s today, do you think it's because I was being #naughty and not using @aurifil ???I was getting really frustrated and happened to think, bloody hell, is she having a fit because it's not Aurifil.  Jokingly really, I threaded her up with the Seashell Aurifil poly and guess what,
#omg its true, changed to @aurifil and quilting gods love me again #mustreoreder
Perfect stitching, no breakages and no stress
lolololol,so yes She does prefer the A thread !!!

Half way through I was treated to lunch out at the restaurant and happily fed and watered I came back to finish the quilting.
I have to say, Trudi the master longarm quilter is indeed correct and although practice doesn't make perfect it's not half bad. I got into the loops and they are much more rounded and flowing
I was so excited, I got it off the frame and trimmed it, the sun was semi shining so I got it up on the wall to take photo's
Excuse stray threads and need to get binding made but thrilled with quilting @trudi_wood thank you so much you are right practice does make good enough :)
DS didn't want to wait for it to be bound, he's been moaning he's had to wait so long for it to be finished.  I pulled some red sketch out and got busy, I think it needed a bit of *pop* I know it doesn't match the back but do I really care NO lol.
Happy boy, snuggled in his new quilt watching #sochi. Must bury threads tonight when he's asleep #leastitsbound
And finally 12 days later, I've managed to grab it off him and bury the threads, there are some dodgy paw prints and coke marks on it, he's had fun wrapped up watching the Olympics while playing on the DS but I'll wash it when it's properly grubby, it's now sitting on his bed, along with the spool cushion that he's taken a liking to.

Measuring 60x60" a bright happy quilt for my boy xx

Linking up to can I have a whoop whoop and TGIFF :O) it's also one of my QAL finishes :) whey hey hey

Have a fab weekend x
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  1. The colours look great in this, thanks for linking up!

  2. It's a really nice finish. Don't you love it when your child likes a quilt so much you can't even get it away from them to wash it? :-)

  3. lovely quilt, was interested that you used polyester thread, I am pretty new to quilting but all the books say I must use cotton thread, mind you I have been piecing with poly as it is so much cheaper and have lots from dressmaking days. What are your thoughts on this

  4. Fabulous no wonder DS grabbed it as soon as the binding was on. Thanks for the info on the threads very useful.

  5. I really like this one Pippa. The bright colors that you use are really great. So sorry the other threads weren't playing nice.

  6. Well at least it's being used and loved! Great finish.

  7. Wow, a gift that your son loves is a win win!! I just love your graphics and sparkly name and fonts. What a nice change! Wish I was more tech savvy. LeeAnna Paylor
    Not Afraid of Color! lapaylor.blogspot.com

  8. This is fab! I'm not surprised your son loves it :)


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