27 February, 2014

Rain Rain go away !!!!!

I don't know about all of you but I am totally fed up of the rain that seems to be a constant part of our life, we have a fab morning and then it rains or vice versa. Have to say though Monday was a wonderful day of blue sky, sunshine and 17C !!!! all to change rapidly on Tuesday and be cold, wet and windy.
Anyway, I digress as usual lol...
A while ago I was chatting on twitter and a friend and I decided mini's were the way to go, we wanted quick finishes, trying different things that were cute and we could use stash for.  Camille has lots of mini's like her spool and swoon which are super cute but I wanted a simpler start.  I was rereading her blog when I saw this fab freebie pattern and knew it was perfect to cheer me up.  I would never want to make it into a big quilt but for a little wall hanging it's fab.
I chose 9 fabrics that I'd bought from simply solids for the backgrounds and as it happens, they were the Timeless Treasures Rain.  I then used black sketch for the handles and my zigzag sketches for the brollies.  I do love sketch in any form.
Note to self, be careful with iron and fusing....

I stitched in the ditch around the backgrounds and then attempted buttonhole stitch around the umbrella's while watching the tv.  I used perle thread and probably should've used thinner embroidery thread but still.
To hang I've used the triangle technique of folding a square up and sewing it on with the binding and bound with some left over lime sketch I had from the vomit quilt.  I prefer a smaller binding on little things so chopped it down a bit. It finishes at 8" by 10" so super tiny :)
It's now happily hanging in my sewing room and looking at it makes me smile, so it's done it's job lol.....

Now if I get chance to tie some loose ends up tonight, I've got a Friday finish for you :)

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  1. Great minds think alike - I was thinking the same thing ie maybe mini quilts would be fun! I already like Schnibbles quilts but thought I'd like to try even smaller projects!
    It's hailing as I type - sigh.... More wind and rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow - sigh... Your cute brollies will be useful! Lynne.

  2. Really cute! Hopefully your wish for less rain will come true.

  3. love those umbrellas, far too nice to take out in the rain. Very nice fabric, simply solids is local to me and tomorrow we are having the first meeting of Leeds modern quilt group which is being organised by Lisa who is part of simply solids. small world

  4. If we did not have rain we would not have such lovely umbrellas, love the mini quilt.

  5. Send the rain to us in Australia (especially SA and QLD) we desperately need it. Love the mini ♥♥

  6. I love it, I might need to try one of these too.


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