03 February, 2014

January's Primary Bee Block

Hello, It's Amelia here.
My January block was a log cabin using brown, red and green Christmas fabrics. Mummy and I chose the fabric.  I liked choosing it because I love Christmas. My bestest fabric is the Ho Ho Ho.
Mummy cut the fabric into strips.  I sewed one, then mummy trimmed it and I sewed another.  It was quite difficult to keep the lines straight. We managed half the block one Sunday and then finished it on Wednesday.  (I don't have school hehe)

DDS January #primarybee block, they asked for a red, brown, green Christmas log cabin

It's going in the post tomorrow and I hope you like it.


  1. Well done, Amelia, you've done a fantastic job! I'm glad to see you enjoy sewing as much as Mummy does. Elisabeth, x

  2. Looks great! Well done. (Are all Wednesdays school free by the way?)

  3. Looks great! Well done. (Are all Wednesdays school free by the way?)

  4. Great work Amelia... you did awesome! : )

  5. Amelia this is a beauitful block, your lines are perfect, think you will have to think about having your own blog to share all your skills with us

  6. It turned out really great Amelia. Nicely done.

  7. Wow Amelia what a great log cabin well done.

  8. Amelia, it's fantastic! It arrived today and I have to say it's even better in person! Mowg really likes it! Thank you!


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