03 February, 2014

January's Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts
I have to say I'm really disappointed that for the first time in probably years, It's not actually worth me doing  mosaic of my finishes for January because there isn't enough of them....
My Mojo seems to have deserted me and I'm hoping will return in February although it seems unlikely atm.  I don't have a quilt in progress, I have one smaller EPP project and absolutely no incentive to start anything.  Luckily I have 2 virtual magazines, the scrap edition of Fat Quarterly and one *proper* mag to flick through today, see what inspires me.
I made a single bee block for a Euro Siblings Together quilt,
#improv tree block for #eurosiblingstogether. Why do I find it so difficult ???
I love the look of #improv but just find it soooooooooo difficult to achieve lol...
Meli melo think its called from quilters world, 44 x 56. Going to see if mum wants it  #firstfinishof2014 :)
And apart from the lap quilt for my mum and the cosy snuggly #economyblockalong quilt that's it for January
Perhaps it's the cross stitch craze that's taking over facebook and instagram that's been keeping me busy, Frosted Pumpkin have started their cute sampler, I loved last year's one but just had too much on my plate, but this year I decided to start and got busy hunting through old threads and bits. Once I'd gathered all the supplies. I just began realising Cross stitch had moved on a bit since I last did any (about 9 years ago) the basics are still the same lol, but the notions you can get...
#january #onceuponatimesampler finished :) perhaps border tomorrowMy qsnap frame and cover arrived today, now with my homemade needle keeper I'm all set to get their faces done, but I have quilt binding to get sewn on first #onceuponatimesampler how tight should it be in the frame ?hehe who knew I actually needed a needle minder (it's literally a button with a magnet and a magnet on the other side) I made my own because I wasn't really forking out stupid amount of euros on 2 magnets !!!!
ohhh and a thread storage card, am I the only person in the world who just uses a postcard and holepunches holes in it, why spend 10/20E on a piece of card/balsa wood in a shape of a cat... :)
I did treat myself to a new frame Q Clips, thinking It could always be used for any hand quilting as well.I changed some of the things on the pattern, like I added quilts onto the washing line instead of some clothes but apart from some colour changes that weren't showing up on white Sparkle Aida, the rest is the same.
Now onto February :)

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  1. Your Once Upon a TIme is looking brilliant! I won't let myself buy it until I finish the Woodland Sampler, I must stick faster!
    Gorgeous quilts, especially the Economy Block!

  2. I'd say 2 quilt finishes in one month is impressive - well done, I hope your mojo returns soon!

  3. 2 quilts and cross stitch is brilliant.

  4. I'm sure just looking at the magazines and such will have you finding your sewing mojo in no time.


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