20 February, 2014

First Fabric Postcard

I came up with an idea for patchwork club, we'd make some fabric postcards in March/April, first time round send them to family or friends and after that, if we got on OK I'd try and find some people willing to swop with us.

After some research on the net and via twitter, I decided to make a trial version.

I used selvedges that I had left over from cutting up 900 squares for a new quilt. If I said Scissors and That naughty girl Katy@Imagingermonkey you may get the idea why I was cutting out 900 squares.
Anyway I apologise for my feeble FMQ attempt, it was on the bernina which I never use for FMQ. Next time some nice quilt as you go or straight line quilting lol...
First go at #fabric #postcard sorry for feeble #fmq the Bernina isn't my usual go to. Learnt lots and am sending it to myself to find out how French post handles it lol...

I'm sending it back to myself to see how the french post copes with it. So who's placing bets on how long it takes, I'm going to post it tomorrow 60kms away and it's got a 2nd class stamp on it. I'm going to try and find a postcard stamp to use and invest in some thinner better sharpies for writing. I love the background but think I need plain fabric such a shame though.
I think I can see alot more of these little postcards in my life, even if they are just to hang on my wall lol...

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  1. I think 3 days as it cannot go through the automated system.

  2. do hope this gets back to you, I worry that it might go missing in the post as it is so nice, if you know what I mean. I am about to have a go at FMQ but now concerned as I too have a bernina maybe I should route out my janome.

  3. at one of my groups we are doing a postcard swap this year .. each moth a different technique x This month was foundation piecing x They go through the British postal system just fine as long as there are no beads etc as they get caught up in the sorting machines . If you want a collection send me your addressa nd I will make a send a postcard to you x

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