18 February, 2014

February Primary Bee

I hope you like it. Mum and I chose the fabric together, we had to have hot pink, purple and blue. 

DDS February #primarybee block. Rail fence in blue, purple, hot pink...think it'll do nicely

I liked making it and I made it on mum's sewing machine (the bernina) It's called a rail fence block and we used the sizzix to cut the strips.  This block was easier and quicker than the other ones we've made.
Mum says the next block is a Bento box so we might start it when we're on holiday next week.

I hope the girl gets this block soon and likes my block. :)


  1. "oooohhhhh mom I lovee iittttt!!!!!!!" Said ayli...she loves the pattern on the fabric. You did a spectacular job :)

  2. this has worked vey well, I have a sizzix but only the hexagon die maybe I need to get on of these too.

  3. Really nicely done. Your fabric choices are perfect.


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