01 January, 2014

Happy New Year !!!!

Happy 2014 to you all, We had a nice evening of tv, laughing, some drinking and the kids welcomed in 2014 and then headed off to bed.

Here's my 2013 mosaic
I couldn't get everything in, but in brief :-
10 complete quilt tops
2 flimsy quilt tops
3 cushions
13 or more bee blocks
5 bags which included 2 aeroplanes
lots of bits for patchwork club, errant blocks, couple of wall hangings or bits just to leave around house.

Not too shabby I think you'll agree.

2013 wasn't a great year for us, I had lots of problems with my back and even though nothing dramatic happened, anything that could happen to derail plans seemed to, car problems, building, bike, job etc etc... so here's to a better 2014 :)

I'm planning on getting my flimsy quilts quilted, I have 2 ready to quilt, one that will be a flimsy in January, the Siblings together quilt to get to a flimsy.  I want to try and use up some stash, dh said not to go on a fabric diet but I'm thinking, I'm going to buy a yard of fabric for every kilo I lose, I'm going to reassess in June lol...
2014 will be my bag year, I've ordered lots of bits and with Sew Sweetness's book and her bag club I'm going to have some fun.
No plans for FQR this year (at the moment) as family life needs to take preference and that will hopefully involve dragbike racing, but you never do know.  Here's to a healthier (diet starts tomorrow) happier and prosperous 2014

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  1. Wow, 10 completed tops as well as other projects. It sounds like you did well to me.
    Visiting from Lily's Quilts.
    Good luck in 2014.

  2. It was great to meet you this year at FQR, love the 2013 makes, all the best for 2014

  3. Its amazing what gets accomplished in a year! Beautifully done! Happy New Year!

  4. Wow you've got an amazing array of makes for 2013!!
    Happy New Year!!

  5. That's a tremendous amount accomplished - hope you have a wonderful 2014!

  6. Blimey, you had a wonderfully productive 2013, even if things didn't always go to plan! Here's to a wonderful 2014!

  7. so many wonderful things you have made here, a great achievement, All the best for you and yours in 2014

  8. That's a very productive year you had! Here's to a fabulous 2014

  9. That is one huge mosaic. Yeah for you.

  10. What a lot you got, well done Hope you have a good 2014

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