06 January, 2014

First finish of 2014

It was cut out on the 29th, made into blocks on 30th and 31st and then shelved....I sewed the columns into a quilt on Friday and then wham bam thank you maam, it was quilted Saturday afternoon.
Gonna be first finish of #2014 soon

I've had a small play with pantographs but decided I fancied making some
excited water grid work from my doodle quilting book by Cheryl Malkowski, the pattern of the quilt allowed me to have a grid to use, so I knew when to change to the next block and direction.
I have royally mucked up though with the new quilting regulator, I used the pulse button to start off my threads rather than just little locking stitches... wasn't until I pulled it off the frame that I saw loads and loads of little bobbles of thread knots on the back. I'm so pleased it was made as a practice piece, I cut off the bobbles and when some of the quilting comes away slightly, so what. My mum's going to use it on her new chair when she gets back to UK and it'll be loved, covered in cat and dog hair, she'll be able to wash it and I told her just to cut loose ends off. I'm not a master patchworker/quilter and even if I was I make quilts to be used and abused not to be looked at with gloves on.
Meli melo think its called from quilters world, 44 x 56. Going to see if mum wants it  #firstfinishof2014 :)
Back and quilting with aurifil poly for longarm

It's a pattern from Quilters World called Meli Melo. It's a fab pattern, all my seams matched up and it was so quick, without interruptions it would be so easy to get this done in a day.
The quilt was made with Valorie Wells Wish fabric and the back is just something I had in stash. Scrappy binding from the leftover wish fabric. It's pieced with Aurifil 50wt white and was quilted with aurifil polyester longarm thread and superior threads bottomline.
It measures 44 x 56

First finish to 2014 !!!! wooo hooo it feels good x
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  1. Wow that was quick brilliant. I to think that quilts should be used and loved.

  2. what a great start to 2014 one quilt allready done

  3. Congrats on your first finish! I do love a quilt where there is little or no negative space :)

  4. Way to go Pippa!! I meanwhile have finished a cushion for a gift, (mucked up the back a little but hey?) basted the baby quilt ready to quilt (need to work out pattern???) & have another cushion on the go. Roll on a productive 2014. I suspect that once I get back to work soon the productivity will dry up but I am making sewing while the rain falls :)

  5. It will be well loved for sure.

  6. Two pretty quilts - love your fabrics. Great start to the year. xx

  7. Thank you for using my pattern... I love your comment that it is easy and all the seams match, this is always my objective when creating a new pattern. You did a great job, I love your quilt!

    1. thanks for commenting :) your a no reply blogger btw, think google are playing around again lately


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