12 January, 2014

Finish along 2014 Q1

Finish Along 2014

My mum and dad have kindly taken the kids for a sleepover this weekend, so I got time to do not much but order cross stitch stuff and get annoyed about car hire companies and how you need a credit card for the guarantee (that's another long winded story that probably isn't worth listening to but took 2 days to sort) but this morning is such a bright and cheerful day, after cleaning floors, windows and now after lunch i'm going to take the dog for a long muddy walk.
So probably not much sewing done.
But I have taken photo's of what I want to get finished this quarter.  Most of these have languished in cupboards because I really can't be naffed or want to quilt them but not sure how, etc etc...

So No 1,
My selvedge star, I keep thinking I'll make it into a cushion but I'm now thinking I'm going to cut some selvedge off and border it in a semi selvedge/border style and make it into a mini wall hanging for my new frame room. 
So needs bordering, quilting and binding.

No 2
Flimsy #giantstarburst staying that way until after Christmas as there is a strong rumour Santa's bringing me a stitch regulator :)
DS's giant star burst quilt, that must be the next thing on the frame, he's moaning big time now. Needs quilting and binding :)

No 3
And this is the triangle flimsy finished a while ago but waiting to be quilted
DD's triangle quilt, needs quilting and binding although I want to bind it as it is, so lots of little angles and time on this one.

No 4
UntitledMy long suffering Lozanges need to be appliqued onto my sew mama sew background and made into a super long bolster pillow.  It's going to be sitting on our spare room (once dh builds our room) bed and as it's red, grey and white in there, this will be perfect.
Not sure if I need to quilt it or not, what do you think???

No 5

This one has sat for I think over a year now, it needs quilting, it's not big I just need to get on and do it but I don't know how. *stumped*

Finally,  the evil women that loiter on IG have got me going on the #economyblockalong and I don't want this going into the next quarter, so I have
17 more blocks to make and then it must be quilted and bound.... It's a super scrappy vomitty type quilt for DD, she chose the centre blocks so most are girly and then we just grabbed lots of stash and cut it into triangles.  I'm not *choosing* the surrounds, just grabbing a triangle whatever colour or style, so it may be very bizarre by the end.

I think 6 things are quite enough to manage in the next few months, If I get two or three of them done it'll be an achievement.  I'm hoping we'll be having lots of plastering to do, decorating and finishing of rooms. DD may finally get her bedroom in this quarter, I *might* get a finished frame room and there will be another bathroom to clean *sigh* but it's all good :)

Thanks to Katy for hosting this year and to fab sponsors. 
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  1. Well, there's a few projects there to keep you going! The quilting side of things always gets me too

  2. Seems pretty doable and they are all fun to finish up! I love the selvage one!

  3. You almost lost me there at 'bright and cheerful day, after cleaning floors, windows' as the 2 didn't seem to compute ;o) Still, good luck with the list, and the house finishing!

  4. Pippa-
    Your quilts ROCK! I absolutely love the circular, orbish, 3D looking one! I love how it tricks the eye. I would quilt the orb itself very simply as to not lose the magnificence of it. I would go to town on the outside though. Maybe something really tight and close together to accentuate the orb more. I could be totally wrong but as soon as I saw it that is what I saw.

  5. you certainly have some nice pieces to complete, best of luck, I have made 51 economy blocks but without fancy centres as I do not have a lot of scraps, now I have to wait as all scraps have been used up, hope to make 100 for a decent lap quilt to keep my poor old knees warm

  6. Best of luck Pippa, I think the selvedge star is my favourite of the lot!

  7. Plenty of wonderful quilt projects to keep you busy. They'll look fabulous when finished!

  8. I love the hexi ball....think you should quilt around each of the coloured hexies, anything else would take away the illusion of the ball.

  9. Lots to keep you occupied then!


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