15 December, 2013


Phew, The patchwork Christmas markets are finished, last Sunday we were inside and sold 300E (£250) worth of bits and bobs
and then today we went to another local market where we were under a canvas tent and made another 125E (£105) so 425E for two Sunday's isn't half bad for a club with about 15 members. So I'm a happy bunny
Christmas market in progress

#christmas 2013 marche de Noel /Christmas market saint Benoit du sault

We didn't sell out so some of the bits are going into storage for next year's market.
I've made my Patchwork club pressies all 13 of them, ready for Wednesday and our pre christmas get together.

I haven't had much time to sew the last few weeks, although my son's new quilt is upto flimsy stage.

Flimsy #giantstarburst staying that way until after Christmas as there is a strong rumour Santa's bringing me a stitch regulator :)

I made this fairly quickly as part of the Giant Star Burst Quilt along from Canoe Ridge Creations.  DS wanted his own more grown up quilt and was complaining his previous ones weren't quite long enough for him.  This one is 60" square.  Now I have got time to quilt it before Christmas but I have it on very good authority that santa is bringing me a stitch regulator (it means my quilting stitches on the frame should be a uniform size) so DS decided he'd wait until I could do *super* quilting, his words not mine....
I used sketch for the solids and sketch zig zags for the rest, It's as super bright in real life as it looks heheh.

Also managed to get a picture of the triangle quilt I made a while back,
it's also ready to quilt and DD will probably get it now...
And this is the triangle flimsy finished a while ago but waiting to be quilted

Final week before Christmas and I'm all ready, cake has been marzipanned, presents wrapped, just a trip to the hairdressers to sort this week :)

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  1. Love DS's quilt. You sound fabulously prepared!

  2. good to read the Christmas markets went so well and I am sure you must have had lots of fun too. 2 lovely quilts, like the edge of the triangle one.

  3. Well done on the Christmas market, flimsy's are looking good to.


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