23 December, 2013

Merry Christmas

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Not much sewing in the Parsons household this week, I have managed to help DD with her friendship star block for the kids bee but we haven't finished it.
I've been busy making desserts, 24 deep filled mince pies with my own home made mincemeat.
24 well not there's 22 deep filled mascarpone pastry mince pies...homemade mincemeat too, rum flavoured this year #feelslikechristmasnow

We've had school Christmas evenings, afternoon films snuggled up under quilts and we're now waiting for the big man to arrive.
Tomorrow will be spent tracking santa and phoning Norad waiting for Christmas.
I'll see you on the other side,
Have a fantastic Christmas and hope you all stay safe with the weather conditions battering the world at the moment.

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  1. have a lovely time with your family, those mince pies look delicious, afraid I bought mine.

  2. very best wishes for you and the family over Christmas x save me a mince pie xx

  3. Merry Christmas; the mince pies look delicious XX


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