29 December, 2013

It's all over for another year

It's all over for another year, Santa visited hes been
He went a bit overboard again this year, lol... and yet another year I was waiting for the kids to wake up...I shoved the turkey in the oven at 5.45am, 6am flushed the toilet, 7am slammed downstairs, turned turkey down, came back upstairs and finally at about 7.45 they woke up :)
Next year, I'm not even going to bother attempting to go to sleep.

Christmas was a really relaxing few days, we just chilled out, had some afternoon naps, flicked through books and watched tv.
I had some fab pressies
nice haul
My main present being the stitch regulator for the frame, I have plugged it in but haven't really had the chance to practice with it, I need to load some batting up and not just use 1 piece of fabric. It *Should* let me quilt with fairly regular stitches, it has a red light if you go too fast for the machine to regulate the stitches.I've got the 2 quilts of the kid's to get done, my siblings quilt to put together and then quilt.

I also went and started a new quilt tonight, I'm making the Meli Melo from Quilter's world, remember I showed you it back in November,

I'm using some of the FQs I bought from Valorie Wells and Wish.
Here It's quite a departure from my normal colours, styles and fabric but I love the
Wishing tree, there are lots of little thoughts all along the branches.
I haven't got a clue who the quilt is destined for, it'll only be a smallish one 44 x 60" so a lap quilt really.

I've also ordered loads of bag bits and am going to start one of Sara's bags from her book, probably a largish one that I could perhaps take to UK with me when I go for a flying visit to Reading with DH, he's having to go for work and i'm tagging along, fingers crossed.

An early night for me tonight along with my new nook glowlight, not as good as the kindle, seems slower but the light is so much better for reading in bed and doesn't disturb DH... so It'll be kindle in day and nook at night lol.

All our inside deco's are down now, I had enough yesterday and put them all away and we're gearing up for New Years Eve, a family tradition of a little buffet evening meal with nibbles and then at french midnight we go out and makes lots of noise, DS does first footing and then they toddle off to bed and we stay awake until UK midnight to watch London's fireworks.I'm tyring to sort out my resolutions, didn't stick to many in 2013 :( perhaps 2014 will be my year...lol

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  1. Sounds fabulous. My decs are coming down tomorrow!

  2. My decs come down on the 1st. I'm very boring I sleep through the new year. Usually look after the grandchildren and they insist on waking between 6 and 7.
    Have a great night and a creative 2014.

  3. sounds like a good time was had by all and Father Christmas was very generous to you. Re resolutions I do not make them normally but this year I have decided I must not buy any more fabric unless it is for a specific purpose as I have so many half metres in drawers, enough is enough!All the best to you and yours for 2014, afraid I will be tucked up in bed fast asleep at midnight.

  4. I so remember trying to get the kids to wake up so that I could watch them open their presents!! xx Glad you had a good time .. best wishes for 2014 x

  5. It sounds like you had a great holiday. Enjoy your New Year's activities.


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