01 December, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts

Gosh, it's come around so quickly, in a flick of an eye it's December and the countdown has begun.

I got my Christmas sewing out of the way in November, now I've just got *if I get it finished* stuff that's not really important if it's finished in time or not. 
I am really slack in that I've not managed my Euro siblings together block but i'm starting on it properly tomorrow.
Currently I'm nearly dying from *girl flu* it's really a nasty one.  Our week got so much worse over the weekend, DH and DS broke down just as they got into france, meaning lots of stress, hotel/hire cars and poor DH had to train it back up over the weekend to pick the van up, he's home now and we can hopefully chill a bit.  The fridge/freezer also decided to pack up on Friday *sigh* luckily we have a spare one and a new one being delivered on Tuesday but we really could've done without the added expense and stress.
Anyway, here's my mosaic

I finished my Flashing Christmas quilt, a scrap Christmas tree cushion, a quick 30 minute make cat bed for my bro's cat. Gorgeous Spool cushion thanks to Katy :) a quite cute scarf that you knit up but it's fabric ruffles and lots of prep (along with 3 more wreaths) for the Christmas market next Sunday.  We have over 300 items to try and sell :) fingers crossed.  I've now got 15 or so presents to make for patchwork club, it's all the same thing so i've just got to get busy.

I'm hoping to feel well enough to touch up the kitchen and utility room paint this week, so not much chance of sewing except for my bee blocks.
Have a fab week and thanks for popping in, linking up to Fresh Sewing day, please go and check out some of the other people's finishes and print out Lynnes barn advent calender, we've printed ours, just to start colouring in:)

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  1. Sounds as though you have been really unlucky lately: hope that changes. Great November makes

  2. some lovely makes this last month, hopefully all that has gone wrong is over now and you are on the up. Best of luck with the Christmas market, shame we do not have them here sounds like a lovely idea, we do get the German market every year nut it is food etc and not very interesting.

  3. You do manage to pack a lot in. Tried the advent barns 4 times still on the small size, will try downloading then printing.

  4. You've got loads finished. Hope your van gets well soon :o)


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