06 December, 2013

Being a good bee member

Lately, I've been a poor bee member, I'm 6 days late with my November Euro Siblings together block, mainly because it looked fairly easy to achieve but I found the instructions really difficult to interpret. I spent alot of today making these feathers
Now to unpick papers and get it in post tomorrow
can I say, I will never be making a feather quilt lol.... they are in the post tomorrow and hopefully they are ok to use.

Then the lovely Helen gave us a nice star block, she wanted blue with light pink background or vice versa.
Hope this is OK Helen ?

So now I'm all upto date and after the Christmas market on Sunday, I've just got 13 pressies to make for patchwork club and normal for me sewing can resume :)

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  1. the feathers might have been a struggle but oh so with it they look great.
    Very nice block too. Best of luck with all you have yo make prior to Christmas, you are making me feel very lazy

  2. I hope to get sewing this week house to myself at last

  3. both bee blocks look great. Love your fabric choices

  4. Good luck with 13 more makes! I'm sweating two!


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