30 December, 2013

Primary Bee Block 1

Do you remember Amelia joined the Primary Bee earlier in December

The first block was to be the friendship block, it had to be white, black and hot pink :) We managed to do it in two sittings, the first I helped Amelia cut the block out,


taught her how to mark the HST's and she was very excited to learn how to iron. We sewed the squares into rows (I've bought a 1/4" foot for her Janome Mini and it helps alot) and then today we finished the block off.


She's very proud of herself. If I was being super critical there's one small corner of the star missing but she's done really well and it measures the correct 12.5"


Mummy and I chose some fabric, black and pink sketch with a swirly pink.  I hope you like it.  To go in your quilt.  I enjoyed making it and it was fun to make.  We'll be posting it tomorrow. We live in France even though I'm English and was born in France. I speak English and French. 

The next block is a log cabin with Christmas fabrics, we'll start before I go back to school in January.

29 December, 2013

It's all over for another year

It's all over for another year, Santa visited hes been
He went a bit overboard again this year, lol... and yet another year I was waiting for the kids to wake up...I shoved the turkey in the oven at 5.45am, 6am flushed the toilet, 7am slammed downstairs, turned turkey down, came back upstairs and finally at about 7.45 they woke up :)
Next year, I'm not even going to bother attempting to go to sleep.

Christmas was a really relaxing few days, we just chilled out, had some afternoon naps, flicked through books and watched tv.
I had some fab pressies
nice haul
My main present being the stitch regulator for the frame, I have plugged it in but haven't really had the chance to practice with it, I need to load some batting up and not just use 1 piece of fabric. It *Should* let me quilt with fairly regular stitches, it has a red light if you go too fast for the machine to regulate the stitches.I've got the 2 quilts of the kid's to get done, my siblings quilt to put together and then quilt.

I also went and started a new quilt tonight, I'm making the Meli Melo from Quilter's world, remember I showed you it back in November,

I'm using some of the FQs I bought from Valorie Wells and Wish.
Here It's quite a departure from my normal colours, styles and fabric but I love the
Wishing tree, there are lots of little thoughts all along the branches.
I haven't got a clue who the quilt is destined for, it'll only be a smallish one 44 x 60" so a lap quilt really.

I've also ordered loads of bag bits and am going to start one of Sara's bags from her book, probably a largish one that I could perhaps take to UK with me when I go for a flying visit to Reading with DH, he's having to go for work and i'm tagging along, fingers crossed.

An early night for me tonight along with my new nook glowlight, not as good as the kindle, seems slower but the light is so much better for reading in bed and doesn't disturb DH... so It'll be kindle in day and nook at night lol.

All our inside deco's are down now, I had enough yesterday and put them all away and we're gearing up for New Years Eve, a family tradition of a little buffet evening meal with nibbles and then at french midnight we go out and makes lots of noise, DS does first footing and then they toddle off to bed and we stay awake until UK midnight to watch London's fireworks.I'm tyring to sort out my resolutions, didn't stick to many in 2013 :( perhaps 2014 will be my year...lol

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23 December, 2013

Merry Christmas

merry christmas animated photo: Merry Christmas 2572855v0dipfilmr.gif

Not much sewing in the Parsons household this week, I have managed to help DD with her friendship star block for the kids bee but we haven't finished it.
I've been busy making desserts, 24 deep filled mince pies with my own home made mincemeat.
24 well not there's 22 deep filled mascarpone pastry mince pies...homemade mincemeat too, rum flavoured this year #feelslikechristmasnow

We've had school Christmas evenings, afternoon films snuggled up under quilts and we're now waiting for the big man to arrive.
Tomorrow will be spent tracking santa and phoning Norad waiting for Christmas.
I'll see you on the other side,
Have a fantastic Christmas and hope you all stay safe with the weather conditions battering the world at the moment.

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15 December, 2013


Phew, The patchwork Christmas markets are finished, last Sunday we were inside and sold 300E (£250) worth of bits and bobs
and then today we went to another local market where we were under a canvas tent and made another 125E (£105) so 425E for two Sunday's isn't half bad for a club with about 15 members. So I'm a happy bunny
Christmas market in progress

#christmas 2013 marche de Noel /Christmas market saint Benoit du sault

We didn't sell out so some of the bits are going into storage for next year's market.
I've made my Patchwork club pressies all 13 of them, ready for Wednesday and our pre christmas get together.

I haven't had much time to sew the last few weeks, although my son's new quilt is upto flimsy stage.

Flimsy #giantstarburst staying that way until after Christmas as there is a strong rumour Santa's bringing me a stitch regulator :)

I made this fairly quickly as part of the Giant Star Burst Quilt along from Canoe Ridge Creations.  DS wanted his own more grown up quilt and was complaining his previous ones weren't quite long enough for him.  This one is 60" square.  Now I have got time to quilt it before Christmas but I have it on very good authority that santa is bringing me a stitch regulator (it means my quilting stitches on the frame should be a uniform size) so DS decided he'd wait until I could do *super* quilting, his words not mine....
I used sketch for the solids and sketch zig zags for the rest, It's as super bright in real life as it looks heheh.

Also managed to get a picture of the triangle quilt I made a while back,
it's also ready to quilt and DD will probably get it now...
And this is the triangle flimsy finished a while ago but waiting to be quilted

Final week before Christmas and I'm all ready, cake has been marzipanned, presents wrapped, just a trip to the hairdressers to sort this week :)

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06 December, 2013

Being a good bee member

Lately, I've been a poor bee member, I'm 6 days late with my November Euro Siblings together block, mainly because it looked fairly easy to achieve but I found the instructions really difficult to interpret. I spent alot of today making these feathers
Now to unpick papers and get it in post tomorrow
can I say, I will never be making a feather quilt lol.... they are in the post tomorrow and hopefully they are ok to use.

Then the lovely Helen gave us a nice star block, she wanted blue with light pink background or vice versa.
Hope this is OK Helen ?

So now I'm all upto date and after the Christmas market on Sunday, I've just got 13 pressies to make for patchwork club and normal for me sewing can resume :)

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01 December, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts

Gosh, it's come around so quickly, in a flick of an eye it's December and the countdown has begun.

I got my Christmas sewing out of the way in November, now I've just got *if I get it finished* stuff that's not really important if it's finished in time or not. 
I am really slack in that I've not managed my Euro siblings together block but i'm starting on it properly tomorrow.
Currently I'm nearly dying from *girl flu* it's really a nasty one.  Our week got so much worse over the weekend, DH and DS broke down just as they got into france, meaning lots of stress, hotel/hire cars and poor DH had to train it back up over the weekend to pick the van up, he's home now and we can hopefully chill a bit.  The fridge/freezer also decided to pack up on Friday *sigh* luckily we have a spare one and a new one being delivered on Tuesday but we really could've done without the added expense and stress.
Anyway, here's my mosaic

I finished my Flashing Christmas quilt, a scrap Christmas tree cushion, a quick 30 minute make cat bed for my bro's cat. Gorgeous Spool cushion thanks to Katy :) a quite cute scarf that you knit up but it's fabric ruffles and lots of prep (along with 3 more wreaths) for the Christmas market next Sunday.  We have over 300 items to try and sell :) fingers crossed.  I've now got 15 or so presents to make for patchwork club, it's all the same thing so i've just got to get busy.

I'm hoping to feel well enough to touch up the kitchen and utility room paint this week, so not much chance of sewing except for my bee blocks.
Have a fab week and thanks for popping in, linking up to Fresh Sewing day, please go and check out some of the other people's finishes and print out Lynnes barn advent calender, we've printed ours, just to start colouring in:)

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