19 November, 2013

Time's moving on

I can't believe we're nearly in December, time here seems to be slipping by. We've got patchwork club Christmas market prep tomorrow all day, then Thursday I have french lessons, followed by DH and DS off to England for the weekend on Friday. However that means Amelia and I get a girlie weekend, I'm planning a clean up and sort out of fabric, perhaps Amelia and I could even get a simple quilt cut and sewn out. Lot's of tv, Strictly and a nice film on Sunday afternoon. We are however due snow *eek* so am hoping DH manages to get there and back ok. DS is staying with my mum and so will be spoilt rotten, they are also bringing home my Christmas Turkey and all our goodies :O)

Putting my new cushion away for a few more weeks and no it hasn't got lights :( *yet*

Last week I knocked up a Christmas cushion, I printed out the pattern from *quilter's world* I think it was and even though I should've followed it, I didn't really, just used some of the 2.5" squares from my In from the cold leftovers. It will go perfectly with my quilt :) Only 11 days and I could probably get the quilt out again lol..

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  1. lovely cushion, it is nice to have things we have made for Christmas, should do some table mats, maybe they will be ready 2014!

  2. girlie weekend sounds good, cushion is great put it away for a bit to early yet.

  3. Gorgeous! Thanks for linking up with Cushion for Christmas blog hop!


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