10 November, 2013

Kidlets quilting bee

Exciting news, my daughter is joining her very first quilting bee, Michele at Quilts from my crayonbox has been really busy organising a quilting bee for kids. What a fab idea is that. I'm sure she'll make great blocks, get her own quilt at the end and make lots of new friends from around the world.

Quilts From My Crayon Box

She's looking for kids between the ages of 5 through to 11 to be Bee Princess or Bee Princes, they make 1 block a month just like us growns ups do and get to choose their own blocks when it's their turn. 
Simple blocks are the name of the game, along with communication and having fun.  Mums, dads or grandparents are asked to help and advise.  It's starting in December so if you have any kids/grandkids who you think would enjoy the 12 month journey, go and take a look.

I'm sure they'd love to wear the crowns :)

Amelia is really excited, she loves it when i'm princess bee and immediately gets the blocks out and chooses where they will go and when I asked her was she sure she wanted to do it and she'd have to work hard every month, she immediately went into the sewing room to look at her stash lol... not very big atm but I'm sure mummy will let her use some of hers

I'm busy finishing a very special flashy quilt off and have another specialist appointment about my back on Thursday, the kids have tomorrow (monday) off as a bank holiday but have to go to school on Wednesday instead lol... so nice restful day for a change
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  1. good for you Amelia, will be following your blocks, make sure Mum puts them on her blog or maybe you are going to start your own blog

  2. I'm glad that she is excited and my kids will have a lot of fun checking out the map to see where their blocks go and come from.


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