22 November, 2013

Is it Friday 13th ???

Is it Friday 13th ??? my gosh it feels like it is, DH has gone off with DS to England in the van, we've had a week of worry as it's forecasted to snow today and during the weekend, everything that has gone wrong in the build up to them leaving has....
DH is dropping DS off with my parents and bro and continuing across to Norfolk to pick up a trailer for the drag bike and another *project* a Ford Popular with v8 engine that needs finishing, you know one of those old ones. back to mums to pick up DS on Sunday morning and then home, He's bringing my mums settee back and a load of goodies including my frozen turkey lol... but today has had it's trials, he's had massive problems with roadworks/crashes/deviations which resulted in a much longer journey time and he managed to block his pin code on his bank card.... DOH !!!!
During this I was intending to tidy the sewing room but got side tracked by Katy @ I'm a ginger monkeys spool cushion and decided the tidying can wait. Anyway, I was on the phone to mum, dh and not really paying much attention. I had the sizzix out and the 2.5" strip die which is damn heavy..... it fell on my foot resulting in
And that is the bruise caused by @sizzix_UK 2.5" strip die falling on my damn foot #killing @imagingermonkey your fault !!!

a really large bruise and it's damn painful, typical when I need to be moving wood in for the heating and am now hobbling about (plus it's started to snow)

However, I digress, I did get on and made the cushion cover, it's a whopper and I'm now on the hunt for a suitable cushion/pillow form and have the weekend to decide how to quilt it.
Mini quilt, cushion or 1st block of quilt? @imagingermonkey spool pattern
I'm really keen on making a quilt from it, but haven't got enough low volume scraps to make it like Katy did, so, if I do make a quilt and its all got the same background fabic, I'm changing the pattern slightly and going to make a large rectangle on either side of the *thread* colours rather than the 6 individual strips.  These strips were from the Fat Quarterly Strip swop and it seems appropriate to make it into a quilt frame room quilt :) I'm waiting on my ikea rug arriving with DH so I can choose the principal thread colours and will be on the look out for more make do and mend or a suitable sewing themed fabric for the background.
Sizzle likes it although he and 2 other kitties have colds/rtis
Sizzle seems to like the top but unfortunately we have flu in the house, it started with a trip to the vets with max, red weeping eyes and some sneezes so antibiotic eye drops and today we have sizzle and pepsi sneezing.  She's diagnosed a virus like cat flu (the kittens have had jabs pfff) and so their all on antibiotics, tlc and warm beds for 5 or 6 days, fingers crossed they don't have complications

A girly weekend continues..... :)

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  1. oh you are in the wars, hope the toe heals soon, can imagine how much that hurts. Cushion looks good

    No snow her in my part of the UK, fingers crossed DH run into any in his rushing about collecting all he is over here for, at least with the cold the turkey will not defrost!! Poor little kitties, hope all will be better soon.

  2. I think it must be something to do with moon etc... we were coming home on Thursday evening (6.30pm) , it was sleeting, we were on a country road, David braked for a corner and we skidded..... ended up sideways in the ditch! Now I know how deep those ditches really are!! We are both okay but the car isn't......now starts all the messing around with insurance etc etc etc... I think we will just stay in doors for the rest winter! xx

  3. Poor toe no snow in Kent so should be alright on Sunday Enjoy the rest of your girly weekend.

  4. O dear: so many of those horrid little bones in your foot! Glad they're just (very badly) bruised. That is just to show something positive!
    Goodluck till DH comes home again.


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