02 November, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts

Well, October came and went, two weeks of it have been during the school holidays, I am *so* pleased they are going back to school on Monday, life can return to normal and I can get on with cleaning....errr perhaps

As you can see, I did buy quite a lot of fabric this month, errr about 20 yards to be precise, but there's a quilt planned in there, some to finish a quilt, backing and some pillowcases for the kids.
The Days of Yore quilt finally got quilted and is now all bundled up ready to go on the bed.  Most of October was Halloweeeeeeeeen projects, hanging bits, table bits, wall hangings including a special one with led lights :O)
A all seeing pumpkin for the sweeties and my pumpkin bom embroidery.
I was queen bee for the euro siblings together bee and have about 7 of the 11 blocks back now so good going, perhaps a finish in November ????
For the last month of our sew euro bee an bee, I had to make 2 mugs which were really fun to do once I got into them.  I made a hanging country style wreath and a cute fabric pom pom type hanging decoration for the tree, these are going to be for the Patchwork club Christmas market.
November, is set to be finish up small Christmas things to sell at market and finish my Christmas tree quilt. Linking up to Lily's quilts fresh sewing day  please go check out some of the other links, there has been some fab stuff made in the last month.

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  1. you always seem to do so much in a month,the quilt second row on the left gets my top vote, is is amazing. Must go back through your blog and refresh myself with a close up if it

  2. Looks like a terrific month Pip!! Well done!!

  3. What a productive month! Love the halloween makes :)

  4. time flying by.. but you seem to be using your time to good effect xx

  5. Wow, you are amazingly hardworking:-) Halloween at your house must be fantastic!

  6. Really like your Euro Siblings blocks. Kukla is one of my favourite fabrics.

  7. Przybywając z Królestwa Syneloi na tego bloga życzę Wam żeby każdy dzień był Waszym świętem.


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