15 November, 2013

Flashing Christmas tree quilt

I am super super excited about this week's finish.
I fell in love with Kate Spain's In from the cold fabric line as soon as I saw it. The cute cocoa cups and the gorgeous hues of green, mistletoe and who can't resist red at Christmas. I already had an idea of making this block from Ellison Lane into a giant quilt sized block
It wasn't without it's hassles, I forgot about the directions of the cups for the border and had to order more fabric, literally needed less than half a yard.
Last week it arrived and I was so quick getting the quilt on the frame and quilted it up with swirls to match the cocoa cup swirls

Ready for binding and then lights/bunting  #christmas2013
#improved #quilting actually enjoyed this

My quilting is definitely improving and I don't normally like densely quilted stuff but as I got into the flow of it, time flew by.
It's quilted in white YLI cotton thread with bottom line superior threads bobbin thread and I used the Sew Simple supersoft 70/30 recycled wadding.  It seems to make lots of fluff and my machine needed cleaning out twice during the quilting, fluff bunnies everywhere.
Now to the exciting bit, people who have followed me for a bit or know me irl, yes I like anything flashy especially at Christmas, our house looks like Blackpool every year inside and out, we generally have two Christmas trees outside, 2 inside and lights in every room and walls outside.... so what had my vision been for this quilt.... yes a FLASHING lit up Christmas tree.  I researched conductive thread, problems for me is that it couldn't realistically be quilted over without breaking the electric circuit, if I used it as a top thread you'd see it and the leds and the connectors (not pretty) I wanted to be able to wash the quilt so that meant a no no to a special conductive electric pen you can buy (it's washable lol), needed to be bendy so we could snuggle, didn't want it to be mains electric so I had to work out how batteries would work. I looked on every search engine for a quilt with proper amount of lights and still can say I haven't found one.  However, having a techie brother and husband does help at times but ultimately I had the idea and bought the lights, they just said it would work and helped me with the battery pack.
I bought a 5m length of 12v LED WATERPROOF strip lights think it's got about 500 lights, with double sided tape on them, then I very carefully sewed them inside my home made bunting binding and used a charm pack of In from the cold cut into 4 to make tiny 2.5" triangles for the bunting.  (I've got another set of plain white lights to use in bunting for my quilt room one day ) Don't look too close at the bunting, my stitches aren't very even and I know if I ever make another one I need larger than 2.5" strips to start with.  I kept testing every so many triangles to make sure I hadn't cut through a wire.  I pinned them on the quilt and the kids and I made this quick video

Then I had to hand sew all of the bunting on....not an easy task, making sure the leds were the right way up and then all the normal hand sewing of binding.  I made a little battery pocket which uses 2 9V square batteries and the infared remote control means I can turn it on and off/flash/solid/different colours at the touch of a button.  There are no visible wires inside or out !!! how bloody cool is that, I am so thrilled with this quilt you cannot believe.
I've had massive problems getting a decent picture and it'll have to wait until we have a dry day but I asked DH to help me and so he climbed upto the roof and we took some in what will be fairly soon bedrooms but is currently a building site :)
Backing all folded up and tossed on a plasterboard hoist that will be my frame space, just under the window :)

Hanging from the rafters

In the sunlight in what'll be the bathroom lol

It finishes at 88" by 62" and will light up my settee for many a Christmas to come :)
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  1. I think you should definitely get a Whoop Whoop! Genius! :-)

  2. What a great idea. That will be a fun quilt to use each Christmas.

  3. Wow what an amazing idea! Love it, I bet it will become a family heirloom for sure.

  4. Woop Woop!! You've taken quilting to a whole new level! I love your quilt and love that you let nothing stand in the way of your vision. Congratulations on all your hard work! xo

  5. This is incredible! I've never seen anything like it! I can't imagine all of the work that must've gone into making it, so bravo!

  6. this is so clever .. and such fun xx

  7. Wow! Way to make it happen! Nicely done!

  8. So brilliant!! How fun and i now wish all my quilts lit up!!

  9. Oh, well done! Let the Christmas holiday begin, lol.

  10. What a very interesting idea! You guys are just so clever! Whoop, whoop! (I am visiting via several linky parties it looks like, lol)

  11. It is Christmassy brilliant!!!! I have watched through IG and couldn't wait to see the final reveal and it is better than I could ever have imagined! I want a light up quilt now!
    And WOW Kate Spain left a comment too!!!

  12. what a wonderful idea. a lit up quilter quilt, this is really amazing

  13. You are a mad genius will not show this to my daughter-in-law because I know she will want one.


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