30 October, 2013

Wonky Window Wednesday

Do you remember the cathedral window, well as I was looking through the super talented Kim from @gogokim's blog I found this super tutorial for a wonky window
I immediately envisaged it as a cute little mug rug/pot holder just a nice thing to have hanging around during halloween. I do admit to burning my fingers lots with the ironing and may have developed a little blister but I LOVE this.... Next time i'm going to cut the window fabric slightly larger than the tutorial but I think it's because my squares aren't as tidy as they could be.


This is going to be used as a patchwork club tutorial, some already know how to make the traditional cathedral windows and want to know how to make the wonky ones, I think it'd be fab enlarged as a big pillow...

Have a wild Wednesday, I'm running around like a blue ars*d fly today, have to pick up keys for patchwork club, then off to an afternoon of Halloween wickedness with the kids (photo's tomorrow) and then evening patchwork club, hoping it'll be quiet and I can get on with finishing off some Christmas bits for the Christmas market.

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  1. you gave got a lovely effect doing this, must have a go, popped over and checked it out and made a note of where to find it again


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