22 October, 2013

Tuesdays Twitters

I'm currently sitting in #talknt2 on twitter and having a quilty discussion, so excuse any spelling errors, I'm also trying to plant hundreds of corns to feed my chicken on Royal Story (it's like farmville except you have castles etc) so triple tasking.

@quiltova this OK??? Before I stitch handle

Today I started on my bee block, its from Sarah Fielke and it's teacups and teapots, I have to make 2 of these....  The instructions weren't the clearest I didn't think but I think it'll make a fab quilt, now to decide how to applique the handle on.  I think I might start saving fabric to make a jar quilt, I've always loved the finished ones I've seen, some nice novelty sweets and stuff.

Mind you talking about fabric, I've been incredibly naughty and in the last two weeks have ordered 20 yards of fabric :( of which I really only needed 1/2yd to finish my Christmas tree quilt.  Pink Castle had 25% think it was off their sale prices !!! and 58" wide backing so would be incredible rude not to.  Then intrepid thread had a special on their moda fabric and the 1/2 yard of Cocoa fabric was reduced and then there was a weekend discount code....so had to make up the postage cost lol....  Still waiting to see if DH's contract is being renewed so I'll be on a big fabric diet after that !!!

Ewww its out #bigtooth she twisted it out....tooth mouse will visit tonight now

DD lost her big front tooth, excuse the dirty face, she got fed up of it and twisted it out OUCH !!!! so she's lisping lots atm but it's great for Halloween, she'll look proper witchy lol...
Happy Tuesday
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  1. block looks good.
    Well you certainly had a spend! lots of lovely new fabric, will you be sharing a photo with us Please.

    See the tooth fairy is coming your way

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the cup blocks, hoping to get mine done this week. I thought I had a big spend yesterday, £14 on 2 scrap bags!! LOL
    Love the lispy tooth fairy :)


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