15 October, 2013

Tuesday's Twitterings

Yup it's Tuesday and it's 9pm here, 8pm in UK and i've just spent the last two hours having a really enjoyable quilting twitter chat, are any of you tweeters ???

Cara hosts and there are often great sponsors, like tonight's is a gift voucher from Pink Castle Fabrics. Here's a link to Cara's post with details how you can join in the Tuesday fun although we tend to use http://twubs.com/ now, you just login with a twitter account or a twubs one and then put talknt2 as the hashtag and there you are chatting with americans, canadians, brits, europeans and expats lol...

My kids know now to be quiet on Tuesdays from 7pm and do their own thing, it's twitter chat night lol....

I've been really busy today quilting, will show you tomorrow and try to get a better photo at some point but the weather's quite miserable at the moment.
Have a fab Tuesday evening x
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  1. Yep and as a regular in #talknt2 I actually managed to miss tonight as there was too much stuff happening here. I should be there next week. It really is a lot of fun. For the insomniacs amongst us Europeans #talknt is on again at 2am UK and 3am Europe. It is a very busy session and you meet some amazing people.


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