05 October, 2013

Saturday stutterings

ohhh Blogtoberfest has a suggestion for Saturday posts, six or seven thoughts on Saturday.

Randomly the six thoughts that have come to me this morning are :-

  • Raining.... It's been pouring since 7pm last night, we haven't had rain except for flash storms in ages, now everything is damp, sodden brown leaves on the ground and we're waiting to see if DS has football this afternoon 
  • Children... my kids got up around 8am this morning, later than school days but still not lie in days, last night we made them have a *no computer* night and after moaning that this game needed their attention or their tomato's would die in farmville, they got together and started building drag bikes,
An evening without computer technology so instead their building #dragbikes and #cars
Then they had qualifying and some tuning sessions with dh, Amelia was declared winner of that session and now it goes to finals tonight.

  • Stews my thoughts always turn to stews and comfort foods in the autumn, I love my slow cooker and if it's not churning out spaghetti bolognese or a nice sausage stew, curry or beef stroganoff, then it's making a nice bowl of creamy rice pudding....delish
  • Sewing generally I try some sewing on the weekend, even if it's just some handsewing or finishing off something i've started in the week.
  • Washing ohhh gosh, I wash clothes every other day, we accumulate so much dirty washing, I struggle to believe we actually use/wear it all. When I change the bedding it's even more extra cycles.  Today I'm thinking it's going to be a bugger to get it dry especially as it's too warm to have the heating on
  • Pumpkin Last night during FNIWF I finished my pumpkin, I had to make the bases bigger than the template but we're not sure why, the lid fits perfectly well,   
Pumpkin sweety jar #finished

Gonna take 3 bags of carambars to fill this beauty

The kids are thrilled because I had to open the bag of Carambars that have been stashed in the fridge for *photography* purposes, the problem with the pumpkin is I guesstimate it will take at least the other 2 packs I have to fill it up.... just as well it's not Halloween yet :)

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